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CONvergence 2013 – The Key!

CVG 2013 Ad

CVG 2013 Ad

CVG 2013 Ad - Key

CVG 2013 Ad – Key

If you were at CONvergence last weekend, you probably saw this promotional art for next year’s convention and it’s British Invasion theme. I wanted to post a key to the references it contains for those that might not have gotten all of them.

  1. Connie as Emma Peel from The Avengers
  2. Professor Max as John Steed from The Avengers
  3. Connie Mark 2 as Nathan from Misfits
  4. That Smiley Planet Guy from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  5. God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  6. The Liberator from Blake’s 7
  7. Starbug from Red Dwarf
  8. Harry Potter from… uh… Harry Potter
  9. An alien walker from John Christopher’s Tripods
  10. Thunderbird 1 from Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds
  11. The TARDIS from Doctor Who
  12. Graffiti from V for Vendetta
  13. A Triffid from Day of the Triffids

Not numbered, but visible in the background: The London Eye, Big Ben, and a Double-Decker London bus.

I considered adding a reference to The Prisoner or Sherlock Holmes or James Bond… but I didn’t want to over-clutter it. There’s a whole year ahead to reference the works of H.G. Welles, Sapphire and Steel, 28 Days Later, Quatermass

CONvergence 2013 is not yet imminent…

CONvergence 2012 is over, and my thanks go out to everyone who helped make it such a fabulous success yet again. The metrics are that total memberships rose to the staggering number of 5,980, with a little over 5,600 members actually managing to attend and occupy the building (AKA the “warm body count”).

The true measure of the convention’s success any year isn’t in those numbers or even in the money that is generated for our non-profit parent organization Convergence Events, but rather in the anecdotal stories of the experiences had by our members. Here’s one official photo gallery, but there are plenty more out there if you search for CVG2012 or #CVG2012. That #CVG2012 hashtag will also lead you to an epic number of CONvergence-related tweets on Twitter. If you’re wanting to get over the post-con blues by immersing yourself in all things CONvergence, the following links should help:

Official Page –
CONvergence YouTube Channels –
Facebook Group –
Connie’s Facebook Page –
CONvergence on Twitter –
And finally, the epic video teaser for CONvergence 2013

So for my last batch of images for CONvergence 2012, here’s a little more artwork I did for the convention this year.

Souvenir Program Guide cover

Souvenir Program Guide cover

Here was the cover art for the Souvenir Program Guide. The Kill Bill image seemed like a nice alternative to the omnipresent Wonder Woman imagery for our 2012 “Wonder Women” theme, and I knew there was going to be a Kill Bill-themed sketch at the Opening Ceremony. I didn’t realize there was ALSO a Kill Bill sketch being organized by a different group for the Closing Ceremony. Maybe that’s Overkill Bill.

Mark 2 as Ellie Driver

Mark 2 as Elle Driver

As a companion piece to that cover featuring CONvergence mascot Connie, I drew Connie’s evil sister Connie Mark 2 as Elle Driver from the same film. I don’t know if anyone else was as amused as I was by the eye patch over the Cylon eye, but it cracks ME up…

CVG 2012 Grid Cover

CVG 2012 Grid Cover

This was the cover art for the pocket-sized programming book, which presents our programming schedule in condensed grid form. It’s cleverly referred to as “The Grid,” and it’s a running gag that I try to do cover art for this each year that both reflects the theme and has some sort of “grid” reference as well. This year we went for the Ms. Pac-Man treatment. That’s a Connie-fied Ms. Pac-Man chasing around the maze with Mark 2-style Ghosts.

CVG 2013 Ad

CVG 2013 Ad

And finally, here’s the ad for CONvergence 2013, which will have the theme of British Invasion. I managed to pack quite a few references in here, but I still didn’t manage to include The Prisoner, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and so many others! Well I’ve got a year to come up with something to work them into!

Now, back to work on Young Justice!