Gerry Anderson’s UFO – part 2

Here’s part two in a series collecting the art from an unpublished comic based on Gerry Anderson’s UFO. You can read up on the back story of this project in part one.

Below you can see pages 6-15 of the #0 issue, comparing the pencil art by myself, the inks by Joseph Rubenstein, and the colors by Matt Webb. Obviously the lettering is not in place.

UFO #0 Pg 06 - 100ufo_00_06ufo_00_06

Page 6 – One of my favorite pages from the comic – the iconic Interceptor take-off sequence, as seen in almost every episode of the TV show.


UFO #0 Pg 07 - 100ufo_00_07 ufo_00_07

Page 7 – Another iconic scene – missile-firing Interceptors doing battle with incoming alien UFOs.

UFO #0 Pg 08 - 100ufo_00_08ufo_00_08

Page 8 – Commander Ed Straker and Colonel Paul Foster supervise from SHADO Headquarters.

UFO #0 Pg 09 - 100ufo_00_09ufo_00_09

Page 9 – After conferring with the famously purple-wigged women staffers of Moonbase, Straker gives the order to launch SkyDiver!

UFO #0 Pg 10 - 100ufo_00_10ufo_00_10

Page 10 – The Sky 1 section of SkyDiver takes to the air to challenge the UFOs entering Earth’s atmosphere.

UFO #0 Pg 11 - 100ufo_00_11ufo_00_11 REV

Page 11 – As Foster and Straker look on, a lone UFO makes it past SHADO’s forces to land somewhere in rural England.

UFO #0 Pg 12 - 100ufo_00_12ufo_00_12

Page 12 – A UFO pilot kills a hunters dog… and pays the price!

UFO #0 Pg 13 - 100ufo_00_13ufo_00_13

Page 13 – As the hunter loads the UFO pilot onto his truck, SHADO Mobiles arrive on the scene!

UFO #0 Pg 14 - 100ufo_00_14ufo_00_14

Page 14 – The hunter is as alarmed by the arrival of SHADO as he was by the alien ship!

UFO #0 Pg 15 - 100ufo_00_15ufo_00_15

Page 15 – I tried to create a cutaway view of the interior of a SHADO Mobile – which was challenging given that the interior set fits rather uncomfortably into the shape of the exterior model!
 You can read Part 1 with the project backstory and the first five pages here.
Part 3 of this post with pages 16-24 is here.

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