Gallifrey One 2024

I’m excited to be returning this coming weekend to Gallifrey One, America’s largest Doctor Who convention here in Los Angeles!

Their stellar lineup of guests this year includes Sir Derek Jacobi, Billie Piper, Alex Kingston, Segun Akinola, Camille Coduri, Jacqueline King, Eric Roberts, Rachel Talalay and many other talented actors, writers, composers, and designers. I’m honored to be joining them!

Unlike my comic con appearances, I won’t be at an artist alley table all weekend. If you want to find me for an autograph or to buy one of my prints, I you’ll need to find me at one of my three scheduled signings. I recommend seeking me out early as I may run out of my supply or prints and collected editions of my Doctor Who comics. With Derek Jacobi and Eric Roberts both attending I’ll be sure to have a supply of my “I am the Master” print. And in honor of Alex Kingston appearing I have a brand new print featuring River Song.

I was also inspired to create a new print featuring Romana as Lalla Ward was scheduled to attend. Unfortunately she had to cancel her appearance this year but I’ll still be bringing the print, which features both TV incarnations of Romana as played by Lalla Ward and Mary Tamm.

Finally, I will be bringing copies of my new Season 27 Console Room print and my print featuring the cover art I did for the Once Upon a Time Lord graphic novel I did with Marvel writer Dan Slott, both of which made their debut at the Console Room convention last month.


I’ll have a selection of other old favorites available as well. If there’s a specific print you want to grab a copy of at the convention other than these, drop me an email so I can bring one to hold on reserve for you. As always, after prints have made their convention debut they will be made available online through my Etsy store!

You can also sign up for my Kaffeeklatsch, an hour-long gathering ideal for asking questions, hearing anecdotes, and generally having a more relaxed conversation.

My full convention schedule is below:

Friday, February 16

12:00pm–2:00pm – Autographs 

3:00pm–4:00pm – Kaffeeklatsch (sign up in advance at Member Services on Convention Level B)

Saturday, February 17

11:00am–12:00pm – (Panel) Special Features with Christopher Jones, Cherry Cheva, Amber Raden and Ross Ruediger

1:00pm–2:00pm – (Panel) How Comics have Shaped Popular Culture with Christopher Jones, Jody Houser, Tony Lee, Gareth Kavanagh, Robert Napton and Marv Wolfman.

2:00pm–4:00pm – Autographs

Sunday, February 18

11:00am–12:00pm – (Panel) Look Upward and Share the Wonders I’ve Seen
with Christopher Jones, Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson, John Dorney, Tony Lee, Melisa Holm, and Mandy Oquendo

12:00pm–2:00pm – Autographs

Console Room 2024 – Minneapolis

This weekend I’ll be a guest at my old hometown Doctor Who convention Console Room Jan 12-14 at the Hilton MSP Airport/Mall of America Hotel in Bloomington, MN.

I’m looking forward to seeing many old friends and meeting fellow Doctor Who fans.

I’ll be doing a signing each day of the con. Signatures are free and I’ll have copies for sale of Heralds of Destruction (my 3rd Doctor comic written by Paul Cornell), Operation Volcano (my 7th Doctor comic written by Andrew Cartmel), and Once Upon a Time Lord (my 10th Doctor graphic novel written by Dan Slott). I’ll also have a selection of my 11×17 Doctor Who art prints, including two NEW pieces – the cover art from Once Upon a Time Lord and my design of a “Season 27” era console room as I had designed for Operation Volcano.

Cover - Once Upon a Time Lord  

On Sunday I’ll be privileged to interview Sylvester McCoy on MainStage, so stop by to see how that goes!

Saturday morning at 10:00am I’ll be giving a visual presentation on my history with Doctor Who artwork. It’s a retrospective and also has a bit of window into my process and just some fun stories and Easter eggs. I hope some folks get up early enough on Saturday to come join me!

My full Console Room 2024 schedule is below.

Friday, January 12

4:45pm–5:45pm – The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
6:00pm–6:30pm – Opening Ceremony
6:45pm–7:45pm – Signing (Prints & Books for Sale)

Saturday, January 13

10:00am–11:00am – Christopher Jones: Drawing Doctor Who for Titan Comics
11:15am–12:15 – Signing (Prints & Books for Sale)
1:45pm–2:45pm – The Curse of the Fatal Death 25th Anniversary

Sunday, January 14

10:00am–11:00am – Signing (Prints & Books for Sale)
12:30pm–1:30pm – The Era of the Professor
1:45pm–2:45pm – Sylvester McCoy Interview
3:00pm – 4:00m – Comics Panel
5:30 PM – 6:00 PM | Closing Ceremony

If you’re at Console Room this weekend, please stop by and say hello!

Dan Slott’s Doctor Who special at NYCC

If you’ve been waiting since 2022 for the release of Dan Slott’s Doctor Who special “Once Upon a Time Lord,” good news! It will finally be in stores at the end of this October.

If you’re going to be at New York Comic Con next week, better news! You can get your copy of the special early! I will have copies at my Artist Alley table (A-14). They’ll be for sale at $20 each (limit 2 per customer), and of course, I’m happy to sign them. Get them while my limited supplies last!


Doctor Who: Once Upon a Time Lord (Titan Comics)

Eisner Award-Winning Spider-Man writer Dan Slott makes his Doctor Who debut.

In order to survive the fiery Pyromeths, Martha Jones must spin three sensational yarns about the Tenth Doctor and his greatest adventures with old and new foes alike!

Dan Slott’s incredible Doctor Who comics debut reveals his love for the franchise, featuring cameos from multiple Doctors and their enemies, including the Daleks and Cybermen! Art by Christopher Jones and Matthew Dow Smith. Fans will also delight at the special bonus story starring the Ninth Doctor and Rose with art by Mike Collins!

Reserve your print before NYCC!

I’ve done so many print designs that I can’t bring them all with me to conventions. If you’re coming to see me at New York Comic Con 2023 (ArtistsAlley table A-14) I’ll be selling 11×17 color prints for $20 or 3 for $50 – but I’ll have a limited selection. I want to bring a variety of Young Justice prints, Doctor Who prints, my new Harley Quinn print, plus favorites like Justice League and Svengoolie. But that quickly adds up to more than I can haul with me on my cross-country trek from Los Angeles to New York. So in my attempt to streamline my convention operations, I’ll going to be limited the number selection of prints I’ll be bringing with me, which means I might just leave your favorite design behind. UNLESS – you reserve your print in advance!

Please check out to see the full selection of prints I have available. You can order them directly from there, but if you’re coming to NYCC 2023 and want to buy it from in person at the lower convention rate, you can reserve any print from my archive I’ll bring a copy to NYCC and hold it for you!

Message me at Let me know:

1) What print(s) you’d like to reserve for NYCC
2) Your name
3) and (if possible) What day you expect to stop by Artist Alley Table A-14 and pick it up.

I’ll have your reserved print(s) waiting for you at my table for you to purchase at my convention rates!

This is a first-time experiment I’m trying as a way to deal with the size of my selection of prints becoming a little unmanageable, but I don’t want to disappoint fans who come to my table looking for prints they’ve seen in past years or online. We’ll see how it goes!


New Harley Quinn print for NYCC!

As New York Comic Con approaches, it occurred to me what I wanted to go in with *at least* one new print. And while I had a number of Young Justice prints to offer, I had nothing connected to my work on the Harley Quinn animated series, which has been my day job for more than two years now.

Years ago when I was drawing The Batman Strikes (tie-in comics for the 2004 The Batman animated series) one of my favorite covers I did on that title happened to feature Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, so I decided to remake that cover in the style of the current Harley Quinn animated series and make that my newest 11″x17″ color print. After NYCC this will be added to the prints available in my Etsy store, but it will make its debut at this year’s New York Comic Con. Like my other prints it will be available at my convention rate of $20, or 3 prints for $50.

Harley Quinn - Check Please

Here’s the original Batman Strikes cover for reference.

The Batman Strikes 41

Find me at table A-14 in the NYCC 2023 Artist Alley for this print and many other favorites. Read more about my presence at NYCC 2023 here.