Comic Book Art Samples

Below are samples from published comic books, all of it pencilled and inked by me, Christopher Jones. I’m open to both inking my own pencils or doing just pencils for another artist to ink.

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Doctor Who Covers & Full Color Art

Doctor Who covers for Titan Comics and prints, featuring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Ace, David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, and Jodie Whitaker as the 13th Doctor. Full color images by Christopher Jones.


Doctor Who: Once Upon a Time Lord

Pages from the Titan Comics graphic novel written by Dan Slott, featuring several likenesses of actors seen in the BBC TV show.


Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor

Pages from the Titan Comics mini-series, featuring likenesses of Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Dorothy “Ace” McShane from the BBC TV series.



Doctor Who: The Third Doctor

Pages from the Titan Comics mini-series, featuring likenesses of Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor, Katy Manning as Jo Grant, and Patrick Troughton as The Second Doctor/Emil Salamander from the BBC TV series Doctor Who.



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Young Justice (2011-2013), Young Justice Outsiders (2019), Young Justice Targets (2023)

Pages from the tie-in comics for the Young Justice animated TV series. This series was my first opportunity to ink my own pencils for DC Comics. In spite of having to stay close to the TV show’s animation designs, I strove to keep the art from being too “cartoony” and to give it more weight and texture than is usually found in animation-based titles.

YJ #20 inks pg 20 prev Young Justice #11 Cover Inks prevYoung Justice #19 Cover Inks prev
YJ #20 inks pg 10 prev YJ #23 inks pg 05 prev  YJ #25 inks pg 10 prev a

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Marvel Action: Spider-man

Pages of Marvel Action: Spider-man, the all-ages Spider-man title being produced in partnership between Marvel & IDW.


Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Based on the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated TV series.

Avengers EMH Cover - PM & IF 150 Avengers EMH Cover - Ronan 150 Avg EMH #4 pg 02 pencils prev

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Also Known As

Also Known As is a graphic novel from Boxfly Media, involving an “Reapers” that were harvesting human souls to be soldiers in an alien war.


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Batman ’66

Pages of Batman ’66 from DC Comics, featuring likenesses of Adam West, Burt Ward and Frank Gorshin from the 1960’s TV series. I took a fairly “straight” approach with my art in order to capture the flavor of the show’s more deadpan episodes.

B66 False Face Pt2 inks flat 05 B66 False Face inks 05 flat B66 False Face inks 02 flat

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Parallel Man

Cover art (featuring my own colors) and pages of Parallel Man from FutureDude Entertainment.
This was fun to work on for the mix of cool gadgets and vehicles, exotic locations, and a chance to draw more realistic looking characters as opposed to designs based on animation.

Parallel Man TPB Cover RGB prev Parallel Man #04 inks 10 prev Parallel Man #04 inks 14 prev
Parallel Man #04 inks 20 prev Parallel Man #06 inks 03 prev Parallel Man #07 inks 24 prev

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Star Trek (IDW)

Pages from the IDW’s Star Trek Valentines Day Special and Year Five: Epilog.



Samples from many, many more projects demonstrating my range of style are available in my gallery.

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