Gerry Anderson’s UFO – part 3

Here’s part three in a series collecting the art from an unpublished comic based on Gerry Anderson’s UFO. You can read up on the back story of this project in part one.

Below you can pages 16-23 of the #0 issue, comparing the pencil art by myself, the inks by Joseph Rubenstein, and the colors by Matt Webb. Obviously the lettering is not in place.

UFO #0 Pg 16 - 100ufo_00_16ufo_00_16

Page 16 – Foster and a SHADO Mobile have some trouble from a local hunter AND an alien UFO that was hidden in a lake.

UFO #0 Pg 17 - 100ufo_00_17ufo_00_17

Page 17 – The SHADO Mobile takes off in pursuit of the UFO, which is headed towards London.

UFO #0 Pg 18 - 100ufo_00_18 inksufo_00_18

Page 18 – The SHADO Mobiles pursue the UFO down the M4 highway towards London. So much for SHADO operating in secret! Meanwhile, General Henderson takes issue with Commander Straker.

UFO #0 Pg 19 - 100ufo_00_19 inksufo_00_19 color

Page 19The Mobiles finally get a bead on the last UFO, just as Straker and Henderson run outside in time to see it falling from the sky.

UFO #0 Pg 20-21 dps - pencils ufo_00_20-21 inks ufo_00_20-21 color

Page 20-21 – A double page spread showing the damaged UFO crashing to the ground and skidding across the parking lot of Harlington-Straker Studios (the ground-level cover for the underground SHADO HQ) before coming to a stop at the feet of Straker and Henderson.

UFO #0 Pg 22 - 100 pencil prevufo_00_22 inks prevufo_00_22 color prev

Page 22Foster arrives just in time to watch Straker and Henderson argue in the aftermath of the UFO crash.

UFO #0 Pg 23 - 100 pencilsufo_00_23ufo_00_23 color

Page 23 – More talking. More burning.

UFO #0 Pg 24 - 100 pencilsufo_00_24ufo_00_24 - color

Page 24 – Straker worries  about the future as the #0 issue comes to a close.
This concludes the issue that was intended as a big “Series Finale” in comic book form, and was to have been followed by a 6-issue mini-series that would have been a sequel to UFO, picking up several years after the time of the TV series.
You can read Part 1 with the project backstory and the first five pages here.
Part 2 featuring pages 6-15 of issue #0 is here.

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