The Batman vs Nightlinger, Dr. Doom (and other commissions)

Batman vs Nightlinger

Here’s a piece I just finished for my good friend and collaborator Steven Philip Jones featuring his character Nightlinger fighting The Batman.

I wanted to share the piece in general, but it also nicely dovetails with my current offer of accepting commissions online for sketches and illustrations. This is a nice example of a full illustration commission, as is the Doctor Doom piece below. They’re both drawn in ink on 11″x17″  bristol art paper. You can read more about ordering a commission piece from me here.


Doctor Doom pin-up

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  • By Steven Jones, August 6, 2013 @ 9:46 am

    Speaking as the lucky guy who owns the Batman/Nighltinger piece, I have to say that this is some AWESOME artwork! By Rathgaar’s ballpeen, what a deal!

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