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Moon Knight Rises!

Moon Knight design color & line

I’ve been meaning to do a Moon Knight print for ages, and I finally had to take the time to at least work out how I was going to draw my version of the character.

My fandom for the character goes back to the run of artist Bill Sienkiewicz, so I wanted to bring some of that sleekness to my take, and I like the bodysuit under the cape to be a contrasting smokey, dark silver, rather than all white. I do like the more ragged, tattered look some artists have more recently given the character, but that’s not what I wanted to do this time around. Much like Batman, I don’t think there’s only one correct way to draw Moon Knight, so the purpose of this piece was to work out which way I wanted to depict the character for my upcoming pin-up.

You can see in the color version on the left how I intend to treat the character. He might be a little more textured in the final piece, but here I just wanted to be clear on the design so I kept it simple. I promise that the final Moon Knight print will be a little more action-oriented than this static pose, but I’ve gotten such a strong response every time I’ve mentioned my interest in Moon Knight recently I wanted to share this design and let people know that a pin-up/print was in the works!

On the right you can see the original line art, which I decided to draw on nice paper and make available in an auction on eBay, so check out the auction if you’re interested.

I’m also still accepting orders for original commissions. You can read more about ordering a commission piece from me here.