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CONvergence Badge Art: #CVG2008 Guest Badges – 2 of 4

We’re counting down to CONvergence 2012 on July 5-8, sharing more art I’ve done for badges, specifically for the massive number of Guests of Honor of CONvergence 2008.

#CVG2008 - Father Geek

#CVG2008 – Father Geek

#CVG2008 - Eric Flint

#CVG2008 – Eric Flint

#CVG2008 - Harry Knowles

#CVG2008 – Harry Knowles

Jay “Father Geek” Knowles is Harry Knowles’ Dad and quite the fascinating character himself. I tried to thematically connect the art for his and Harry’s badge.

This was the third CONvergence visit for Eric Flint, so I felt fairly safe in using Connie to make a reference to Eric’s 1632 book series.

Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News – Thor to Father Geek’s Odin. I really loved how these two badges came out.

#CVG2008 - Kenneth Hite

#CVG2008 – Kenneth Hite

#CVG2008 - Dr James Kakalios

#CVG2008 – Dr James Kakalios

#CVG2008 - John Kovalic

#CVG2008 – John Kovalic

Kenneth Hite’s badge is actually based on an inside joke from a dinner conversation at Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago. It involved Swamp Thing re-imagined as Flor-El, last plant of Krypton. This would be his not-so-convincing secret identity.

You can find physics professor Dr. James Kakalios in his most private moments cursing the name of Reed Richards.

John Kovalic’s badge references our Dr. Blink character. I’d still love to see this art used as a book cover…

Still more to come…

If you’re coming to #CVG2012 be sure to look me up! I’ll be doing two signings and on a bunch of panels.