Happy Halloween… from Gotham City

Batman Strikes #50 page 1

Batman Strikes #50 page 1

This is Halloween-appropriate page comes from the final issue of The Batman Strikes.

Pencil art by me, inks by Terry Beatty, colors by the Heroic Age studio.

This page is LOADED with self-indulgent in-jokes.

• CONvergence fans should note the Trick-or-Treater in the lower left corner dressed as Connie.

• Another Trick-or-Treater is dressed as Two-Face, on of my very favorite Batman villains who I never got to draw in my 44-issue run on The Batman Strikes, thanks to an embargo on the use of Two-Face, the Scarecrow, and Ra’s al Ghul in this animated incarnation of Batman.

• The first panel sees Batman perched upon Aparo Tower, named for one of my favorite Batman artists, Jim Aparo.

• And finally, the 433 Bar is named as a reference to the internet handle of my friend Jeremy Stomberg.


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