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Happy Colorist Appreciation Day

Young Justice #11 - Cover Inks

Young Justice #11 – Cover Inks

Young Justice #11 - Cover Color

Young Justice #11 – Cover Color

It’s one of those things that makes you ask “Who DECIDES this stuff?” In response to colorist Jordie Bellaire’s tumblr post this morning, today has been deemed Colorist Appreciation Day on Twitter. Or, since it’s on Twitter, #coloristappreciationday.

I color most of my work outside of comics myself, but most of my work in the comics field is drawn by me but colored by another artist. And make no mistake, coloring can make or break a piece of art. I’ve benefited from good coloring and suffered terrible coloring.

As an example of how good coloring can *benefit* artwork, I direct your attention to my gallery of Young Justice covers featuring the colors of Zac Atkinson. You can see his work as well as my uncolored line art for each cover. You can find Zac on Twitter at @zacatkinson, and his website is

Zac Atkinson

Zac Atkinson

So thanks to Zac and the other great colorists I’ve gotten to work with over the years! Appreciate colorists today!