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When I was at the New York Comic Con in October I ducked upstairs to a makeshift photo studio DC Comics had set up in a press booth overlooking the main hall of the convention. I was on my way in as Jim Lee was wrapping up and on his way out. DC was using the convention as an opportunity to nab many of its creators for quick photo sessions to get some nifty new publicity photos for the revamped Talent Profiles section of their web site. The photo shoot itself probably only took two or three minutes with a variety of quick poses, some dignified and some silly. It probably took a good half an hour to actually get to the press booth and back, given the crowds at the convention!

These were the three best shots from the photo shoot. I didn’t even realize at the time they were taken that they were going to be in black and white. I think they turned out fantastically well. I don’t normally care for the way I photograph but I like these a lot!

You can visit my page on the DC Comics web site’s Talent Page to see which of the three was used there. Now we just need to get some of the credits there updated. Ironically the only credit I have listed there with a thumbnail image is for my sole DC Comics writing credit (I co-wrote The Batman Strikes #35), which features cover art by another artist. So the only art seen on my page isn’t by me! What are you gonna do…?

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