More photo silliness

Not all the stuff I’ve done in Photoshop lately has been Doctor Who-related.

Caped Crusader Rises

Atomic Batteries to Power…

I posted this one before but I thought I’d include it again here, if only to point out that if you click on the image to see the full-scale version you’ll see that I’ve cast Tor Johnson as a 1960s-era Bane. A neat trick given that the character wasn’t created until the early 90s.

BatSignal Facebook Photo

“I do know when we need him, and we need him NOW!”

I’m a huge fan of the Adam West Batman series and decided I wanted the Bat Signal image from the end credits as my Facebook Timeline image, but the image wasn’t wide enough and didn’t crop well, so I rebuilt the thing and extended it horizontally to the correct size. Feel free to use this on Facebook yourself, but if you do give me some credit and link to my Blog and/or my Facebook page, won’t you?

And finally, I’m not a huge Chuck Norris fan, so this is likely my one and only contribution to the whole Chuck Norris meme zeitgeist, but for what it’s worth, here it is…

Chuck Norris

“C.I.A.!” Get it? GET IT???

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