More chatter about Young Justice

YJ #11 page 16 color

YJ #11 page 16 color

I answered some questions about Young Justice for Worlds Finest Online on the occasion of the impending release of the trade paperback collecting the first seven issues (#0-6) of Young Justice. You can pick it up at your local comic shop, or if that’s not an option, it’s also available at The 7-issue collection retails for $12.99.


A glowing review of Young Justice #11 from BW Media.

And a positive review of Young Justice #11 from Mild Mannered Reviews.

That Mild Mannered review was a little critical of the story largely because so much of the focus of the issue was Robin having a solo adventure with Batman and we didn’t see much of the rest of the team. I can understand that, but I think it’s fun seeing more of the TV show’s characters outside of the group adventures seen on the show. Future issues of the comic will features subsets of the whole team and split the group up in various ways. And the events of Young Justice #11 develop over the next two issues into a storyline that involves everybody. So I’m curious what readers (and reviewers) will think as we get deeper into the series.

What do YOU think? Is the Young Justice tie-in comic a good place to give team members a moment to stand in the spotlight solo, or do you just want to see team adventures that resemble what is seen on the TV show?