Another commission: Captain America

Captain America pin-up inks prev

I just finished another commission and to share it. I may make a print out of this one when I can find the time to color it. I would probably title it something heroic like “Leading the Charge” as opposed to something more snarky like “I’d be dead if I didn’t have this indestructible shield, but you guys follow me anyway!” Eh, maybe not.

I’m still accepting commissions online for sketches and illustrations. This above Captain America piece is a full 11″x17″ illustration commission, drawn in ink on bristol art paper. You can read more about ordering a commission piece from me here.

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  • By Steven Jones, August 8, 2013 @ 12:20 pm

    Wow…that’s just…holy cow…wow. It’s beautiful. What do they say about heroes? They’re the ones who run towards the sound of battle? This is an awesome piece, Chris.

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