Young Justice Panel at Gallifrey One 2014

Here it is! The video of the Young Justice Panel we held at Gallifrey One last February!


Cameron Bowen – Voice of Robin (Tim Drake)
Kris Carter – Composer
Christopher Jones – Comic Book Artist
Stephanie Lemelin – Voice of Artemis
Eric Lopez – Voice of Blue Beetle
Vanessa Marshall – Voice of Black Canary
Michael McCuistion – Composer
Lolita Ritmanis – Composer
Andrew Robinson – Writer
Brent Spiner – Voice of the Joker
Jason Spisak – Voice of Kid Flash
Greg Weisman – Co-creator/Producer, Writer


Many thanks to Gallifrey One for hosting us and allowing us to take video of the event, and to all the wonderful fans who turned up to celebrate the awesomeness that is Young Justice with all of us. We were truly humbled, and had so much fun!

Oh, and if anyone was interested in seeing the two pages discussed from Young Justice: Invasion #25 in greater detail, here they are.

 YJ #25 inks pg 16 prev (1)YJ #25 inks pg 16 REV prev (1)YJ #25 inks pg 17 prev (1)YJ #25 inks pg 17 REV prev (1)

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