Parallel Man: Invasion America #1 Preview

After nine months of working in relative silence on this project, my new science fiction adventure comic book series with FutureDude Entertainment is almost available! Finally I can share some of it with the world! Here’s a preview of Parallel Man: Invasion America #1 and some more information about the world and story.

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The story of Parallel Man follows Commander Nick Morgan — an intelligence agent from an evil version of America in an alternate universe. His government, known as The Ascendancy, has attacked and enslaved eleven other Earths and has its sights set on our world as their next target for their empire.

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Nick spent his childhood secretly learning of the freedom in other Americas from his grandfather, Tobias Morgan, and struggles to fulfill the deadly goals of his leaders. Now, after stealing an advanced vehicle prototype and his A.I. companion Atlas, Nick seeks out the leaders of a former rebellion known as The Futurists (led by a parallel universe version of Dr. Carl Sagan) for their assistance in assembling a legendary weapon that could stop the Ascendancy forever.

Nick is pursued by Mackenzie Cartwright, daughter of the president and commander of the all-black Hellfighters Squad in the segregated Ascendancy military. Her motives are complex. She is loyal to the Ascendancy, but the culture of her home world is not friendly to her ambitions for power or her relationship with Captain Glenn Douglass, one of the soldiers under her command.

Parallel Man: Invasion America is exciting, the world is immense, the characters are interesting. Like any good science fiction, it touches on some what-ifs that I think will help promote interesting discussion. (For instance, the Ascendancy is a parallel universe in which the civil rights movements never happened.) Overall, the tone is pro-science, pro-scientist, anti-imperialist, and a fun adventure that explores power, resistance and the costs of freedom

Young Justice comics fans will be interested to know that not only is the art by me, but it is colored by Zac Atkinson, who was the colorist on the Young Justice comic books.

There’s lots more information about Parallel Man HERE.

Parallel Man: Invasion America #1 hits shelves in comic book stores nationwide on October 8, 2014!


You should pre-order it! Really.


Because FutureDude Entertainment is a new, small publisher, there is absolutely no guarantee that your local comics shop will stock it unless YOU ask them to. That’s right – you calling up or walking into your local comics shop and asking them to order a comic from a small publisher can significantly help make or break the distribution of the entire series. Parallel Man: Invasion America is no different! So, please, help get Parallel Man out there by pre-ordering it today!

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Writer: Jeffrey Morris, Fredrick Haugen
Pencils & Inks: Christopher Jones
Colors: Zac Atkinson
Cover: Dylan Hansen
Letters: Cortland Bechtell, Jordain Cheng-Kinnander
Editor: Jeffrey Morris, Kimberly Morris
Publisher: FutureDude
Digital Cover Date: September 2014
Print Cover Date: October 2014
Cover Price: $3.99

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