Christopher Jones at New York Comic Con 2015 (Artist Alley D9)

Map to find Christopher Jones at Artist Alley D9 at NYCC 2015

This is my fourth year at New York Comic Con and I can’t tell you how much it’s become one of my very favorite conventions. I love the (huge) Artists Alley that darn near feels like its own separate comic con, I have nothing but praise for how well ReedPOP has treated me over the years, and the cosplay is simply amazing! It is SO FUN to see East Coast fans!

I am a Featured Guest at New York Comic Con this year and I will be at Artist Alley Booth D9 all 4 days! Click here to add me to your show planner. The New York Comic Con show planner is really nifty, by the way.

Joining me once again at the con will be booth babe cosplay personality Mr. J! He’s generally happy to take photos with anybody and may even have something special for kids – what a clown!


 Mr. J takes a bow Mr. J Glad to meet ya!
(Photo credits:  Bryan Humphrey, Garret Born)

I have a new FREE convention exclusive mini-print for Facebook and Twitter followers!

Wonder Woman Flying her invisible jet mini-print

Just show me that you follow me on twitter or like my facebook page to claim yours! And I’ll still have a limited supply of the ever popular Fastest Man Alive Flash mini-prints, Disco Nightwing mini-prints, and Batman buttons free for followers if you would rather pick up one of those. Remember, these are convention-exclusive freebies. The only way to get one of these items to find me at a convention!

Showing all 3 mini-prints and button

Young Justice Fans! On Saturday at 8:20pm EST (after Artists Alley closes) we will have a Young Justice cosplay & fan meet-up! So come join me and fellow fans for a casual meet-up of cosplayers and fans of Young Justice at New York Comic Con! We may not have a panel at NYCC, but Young Justice fandom is alive and well, and I hope to see a lot of you there.

Map for NYCC 2015 Young Justice meet-up

You may also want to join the NYCC 2015 Young Justice Meet-Up Facebook Event.

I will be doing commission sketches during New York Comic Con, but I expect my sketch list to fill up FAST, so if you’re hoping to get a sketch from me, try to stop by my Artist Alley table as early as possible.

All of my convention sketches are black ink on 9×12″ bristol. I will also draw on sketch covers and in sketchbooks, and on …other things… by request. Payment due when you pick up the completed sketch.

New York Comic Con 2015 Sketch Rates 

Full Figure: $100 for the first character + $80 for each additional character

Head Sketch (shoulders & up): $60 or $40 with a current student ID

NYCC 2013 Dickbabs 475293_512571245447142_898319650_o NYCC 2012 Miss Martian CCE 2013 Joker
If you would like to send me your NYCC sketch request ahead of time, putting you first on my list, please email it to with the subject, “NYCC SKETCH REQUEST”.

I will also have all of my prints available during New York Comic Con, at the usual reduced convention prices:

11×17″ Color Prints: $20 each or 3 for $50

8.5″x11″ Color Prints:  $10 each

8.5″x11″ Black & White Prints:  $5 each

You can see my selection of prints in My Etsy Store. Here are all the new prints I have since last year’s New York Comic Con:
Justice League art print by Christopher Jones

I did this Justice League print to commemorate the Justice League Reunion at New York Comic Con this year. Find more information about that HERE.

Bat Wolf Art Print

Mostly I love drawing Batman’s cape draped over stuff. But also, Doctor Who. Am I right?

The Sixth Doctor - REV prev Doctor Who - Hartnell Color prev

I also created a small 6th Doctor print, and updated my small 1st Doctor print with a splash of color.

Go Team Batgirl!

Who can choose just one Batgirl? Not me.

Svengoolie - Framed prev

This was a piece of art I did in homage to late night horror host, Svengoolie, of whom I’m a big fan. I was able to gift a copy to him at C2E2 eatlier this year, and the print can now be seen hanging on the set. I nerd out about that a lot. If it’s your thing, you can learn more about it HERE.

11242897_10152759523481372_1437973553_o Nightwing's Butt WonderBat Print prev

I drew all of those because reasons. Also, here are some new Young Justice black & white prints:

Young Justice - Superboy prev Aqualad print - prev Miss Martian print- prev

And lastly, because I kept getting requests for this, I finally made some prints out of that Gargoyles mashup art I did for CONvergence 2014. Goliath as Nightwing and Demona as (badass) Counselor Troi.

Goliath as Nightwing prevDemona as Troi prev

Again, you can find a full selection of my prints, including more Young Justice and Doctor Who prints, on my Etsy store.

Also, because con food is expensive and I know a lot of my fans are at the con on a budget, I’ll have granola bars available at my table for anyone who asks for one. That’s right – free, healthy(ish) snacks! And definitely NOT engineered by the Reach or Lexcorp, if you were concerned. While supplies last.

New this year, I will also have a cosplay repair kit with sewing stuff, different sorts of tape, contact cement, and other misc. cosplay repair items. Just ask if you need to use it.

Lastly, just to cover a few other questions I often get on twitter:

  • Autographs are always free and I’ll sign anything you bring me. (Check out my guide to asking for signatures and drawings at conventions!)
  • I do not charge for photos and I am happy to take a photo with anyone who asks!
  • I’m happy to do interviews, podcasts, snippets, goofy stuff, and whatever any day but Sunday, but the earlier you can drop by, the better!
  • I will draw any cannon character ship kissing if asked. I will draw any two characters together doing non-romantic/sexual things, regardless of whether it’s cannon or not.

I think that about wraps up my New York Comic Con post. Whew! I really am looking forward to meeting lots of fans over the four days of the con! Come say hello! Marvel at the new Steven Universe t-shirt I just got. Sing a duet with me. Get some free candy. Buy some art. Artist Alley table D9! See you there!

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