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Young Justice #8 out today!

Yikes! A blog!

As I get dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st-Century realities of an artist promoting his own work, I am launching a blog as the centerpiece of my revamped website. You can find a gallery of my work by clicking on the link above. That gallery isn’t as complete as I’d like it, and much of what’s currently there isn’t as well-organized or well-labeled as I’d like, but I’ll tackle that in the coming weeks, and I’ll even highlight some of what’s there with blog posts as I go. My thanks to Hal Bichel for being the architect of my new web presence!

Today sees the release of Young Justice #8, written by Greg Weisman and Kevin Hopps, drawn by me, inked by Dan Davis, and color by Zac Atkinson. You can find it at your local comic shop or you can buy Young Justice online in digital form.