I’M BACK!!! (The Web Page Returns)

Some time ago something went and broke on my web page preventing me from creating new posts. Given that I wasn’t working on much that I could be actively posting about at the time, I hadn’t felt a great deal of urgency in fixing it with all the other things I was dealing with. ESPECIALLY since I had platforms like my Facebook Page and Twitter where I could post when I had something I wanted to say. But I finally reached out to Hal’s Pages.com with their help I got my web page up and running again.

I will try to post more regularly here, although I’m still dealing with the fact that most of my day-to-day work is on projects covered by NDA’s that I can’t talk about. But I can post about upcoming appearances like conventions or signings, or when something I’ve worked on is coming out.

I’ll to do better at keeping in touch, friends and fans. You do the same, won’t you?

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