CONvergence Badge Art: #CVG2010

I’m counting down to CONvergence 2012 on July 5-8 this year, and sharing some highlights from past year’s badge art that I’ve done for the convention.

The CONvergence 2010 theme was Bring on the Bad Guys, a celebration of villains that saw Connie’s slightly evil sister Connie Mark 2 take over the convention. This was a goldmine for artwork ideas, and I tried to give a lot of the graphics a fascist, propaganda poster edge, while still having a fun, CONvergence flavor.

#CVG2010 - 5 & Under

#CVG2010 – 5 & Under

#CVG2010 - Ages 6-12

#CVG2010 – Ages 6-12

#CVG2010 - Ages 13-17

#CVG2010 – Ages 13-17

Stewie from Family Guy seemed like the obvious choice for the 5 & Under Badge.

The evil alien kids from Village of the Damned made for a creepy badge for the 6-12 crowd.

And the teens got Red Mist from the newly released Kick Ass.

#CVG2010 - Adult Badge

#CVG2010 – Adult Badge

And a row of menacing Mark 2’s adorned the Adult Badge.

#CVG2010 - Exec Badge

#CVG2010 – Exec Badge

#CVG2010 - Service Animal

#CVG2010 – Service Animal

Who else would be on the Exec Badge that year but Mark 2 herself?

And the Service Animal Badge that year saw the evil Mirror Universe version of Connie’s dog Sparky.
CVG2010 - ConCom Badge

In 2010 we eliminated having separate badges for members of the Board of Directors, and we just got our own ConCom Badges. It was a good call. All hail Mark 2!

Mark 2 was overthrown by Closing Ceremony, of course, and all was right with the con once again. But Mark 2 plots her return to power from her new role in ConSuite. Who thought letter her near the food was a good idea?

If you’re coming to #CVG2012 be sure to look me up! I’ll be doing two signings and on a bunch of panels.

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