CONvergence Badge Art: #CVG2009 Guest of Honor Badges

It’s another 2-post day as I count down to CONvergence 2012 on July 5-8, sharing more art I’ve done for badges for the Guests of Honor of CONvergence 2009.

#CVG2009 - Brian Keene

#CVG2009 – Brian Keene

#CVG2009 - Dwayne McDuffie

#CVG2009 – Dwayne McDuffie

#CVG2009 - Frank Conniff

#CVG2009 – Frank Conniff

Brian Keene’s badge is a reference to his then-current Devil Slayer comic for Marvel.

The badge for the late, great Dwayne McDuffie features the comic book and animation versions of his character Static meeting face-to-face.

Frank Conniff’s badge, like all the badges for the Cinematic Titanic crew reflect the silhouette gimmick for their show, while the background image makes a joke referencing their earlier MST3K. I had to do something with Torgo. Please note the brand of pizza being delivered.

#CVG2009 - Joel Hodgson

#CVG2009 – Joel Hodgson

#CVG2009 - Kelly McCullough

#CVG2009 – Kelly McCullough

#CVG2009 - Mary Jo Pehl

#CVG2009 – Mary Jo Pehl

Joel Hodgson’s badge not only references Gamera which was a staple in early MST3K episodes, but features one of the robots from Silent Running, which Joel credits as an inspiration for the MST3K structure.

I was delighted to hear that Kelly McCullough was giddy to have his Melchior character morphed with Connie for his badge, and the art is even featured currently on his website!

Mary Jo Pehl’s badge features an unfortunate camera angle on The Amazing Colossal Man (although he’s got his disfiguration from sequel, so technically it’s the Colossal Beast – #geek).

#CVG2009 - Patrick Rothfuss

#CVG2009 – Patrick Rothfuss

#CVG2009 - Trace Beaulieu

#CVG2009 – Trace Beaulieu

Patrick Rothfus’s badge references a recent quote he had made about a certain Mr. Whedon.

And finally Trace Beaulieu had been at CONvergence before, so I had no issues with dressing Connie as Mr. B-Natural, from a famous MST3K bit.

If you’re coming to #CVG2012 be sure to look me up! I’ll be doing two signings and on a bunch of panels.


  • By Kelly McCullough, July 4, 2012 @ 9:35 am

    I love that badge and that art so much!

  • By Christopher Jones, July 4, 2012 @ 9:47 am

    Thanks Kelly! This is a perfect example why I try to avoid using Connie on the badges for guests who don’t have a history with the convention – but even though this was your first time as a guest you knew the con and you knew Connie, so you appreciated the meaning of the character. As opposed to seeing the badge and thinking “Well that’s a weird drawing of Melchior…”

  • By Kelly McCullough, July 4, 2012 @ 10:34 am

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder. I saw this and remembered that I hadn’t restored all the old pages to the new website yet, including, notably, the acknowledgments page where I thank you for giving me permission to use the art among others and ran right off to fix it. Thanks again for that, I really do love it.

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