Another Young Justice #10 review

From A Speeding Bullet – Comix Reviews & Opinions:

“Christopher Jones’ artwork is a big draw for the book. It fits with the show’s style, but it stands out on its own in a way a number of DC’s other cartoon tie-in books don’t. Other books mimic the aesthetics of the shows they’re based upon, but for Young Justice, Jones doesn’t mimic but adapt. A sense of motion, an impression of energy and presence, is pervasive throughout the issue, and a number of panels, particularly the climactic confrontation, are kinetic. His actual compositions are very straightforward and his layouts are often simple; this is absolutely not a bad thing. Jones uses these often basic layouts to streamline the action and experiment with perspective in a fashion that supports the script while also expanding visually upon it. “

Aw, shucks.

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Young Justice #10 page 1

Young Justice #10 page 1

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