A little piece of home (or Kryptonite makes you stoopid)

Kryptonite Nevermore

That Neal Adams could really draw a cover back in the day, eh?

Based on countless data points ranging from the much-loved Superman: The Movie to multiple animated series and hundreds of comic books, I’ve come to the conclusion that whatever kryptonite’s area of effect for causing Superman pain and robbing him of his powers, it has a *wider* area of effect that makes Superman an idiot.

It always seemed to me that in those first moments when he feels the effects of a baseball-sized chunk of kryptonite that some arch-villain has just produced from its lead container, if you had the powers of Superman you’d have some options for how to respond before you were significantly effected. At least better options than putting your arms up in protest and backing sheepishly away.

Use you your heat vision or superbreath or something to close the container again. Move out of range and deal with the bad guy from a distance. Or just grab the damn thing and throw it into orbit before it saps your strength. Yes, it will hurt your hand. You’ll live. You’re Superman.

Kryptonite Snack

This is probably not one of the usual options...

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