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CONvergence Badge Art: #CVG2008 Guest Badges – 3 of 4

We’re counting down to CONvergence 2012 on July 5-8, sharing more art I’ve done for badges, specifically we’re still going through the badge art fro the massive number of Guests of Honor of CONvergence 2008.

#CVG2008 - Mercedes Lackey

#CVG2008 – Mercedes Lackey

#CVG2008 - Peter Mayhew

#CVG2008 – Peter Mayhew

#CVG2008 - Andrew Probert

#CVG2008 – Andrew Probert

Another raptor image for Mercedes Lackey, making a matching set with the badge I did for her husband, Larry Dixon.

I’d thought of this image the first time Peter Mayhew was at CONvergence, but didn’t use it then because Peter didn’t know Connie yet. This time that wasn’t an issue.

The first time we’d had designer Andrew Probert as a guest I’d referenced his work for Star Trek: TNG and Airwolf. This time I referenced his role as designer of the Cylons for the original Battlestar Galactica!

#CVG2008 - David Weber

#CVG2008 – David Weber

#CVG2008 - Len Wein

#CVG2008 – Len Wein

#CVG2008 - Greg Weisman

#CVG2008 – Greg Weisman

An Honor Harrington-esque spaceship for author David Weber.

I had fun dressing Connie in the original costume of Len Wein’s creation, Wolverine.

Spidey is about to get a surprise now that the sun has gone down on Greg Weisman’s badge, referencing his Spectacular Spider-man and Gargoyles animated TV series.

One more batch from #CVG2008 to come!!!

If you’re coming to #CVG2012 be sure to look me up! I’ll be doing two signings and on a bunch of panels.