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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na I’m drawing Batman ’66!

I am delighted to formally announce that my next project is a story for DC Comics’ Batman ’66 – part of their Digital First tier of books and based on the classic 1960s Batman TV series staring Adam West. Here’s the solicitation for the print version:


Cover for Batman ’66 #7 by Mike Allred

BATMAN ‘66 #7
On sale JANUARY 22 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED E • DIGITAL FIRST
Horrors! Bruce Wayne is trying to scam a jewelry store and put the blame on poor Aunt Harriet? Or could it actually be the work of that mysterious master of disguises, False Face? Then, find out how crime really pays when the Clown Prince of Crime tries to downsize his mob in “The Joker’s Layoff Riot.”

I’m doing the False Face story in the issue, written by Jeff Parker. I can’t share any artwork from it yet, but I *can* show you the Batman art I did to be approved to work on the comic! This is a real treat for me to work on as I’m a HUGE fan of the 60’s Batman series, and the False Face episode is among my favorites. In fact, there’s also a cameo by my *absolute favorite* villain from the show, but you’ll have to pick the book up when it comes out to learn who that is!


Batman 66 - Batman

You can look for print versions at your local comic shop when they come out, or look for it in Digital Form on Comixology where you can currently find past issues of the series. The book is presented in DC Comics’ DC2 (pronounced “DC Squared”) format, where each tap of the screen actively advances the next element of the story, whether it’s the next panel or individual art elements on the page. It’s been an interesting challenge creating artwork for that format, but I think it creates a reason to seek out the digital version of the story rather than waiting for it to be collected in a print format later!

I’m having the best time working on this, and I think it shows in the pages. I can’t wait for the story can come out so you can see for yourself!


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Connie Mark 2 is Watching You

Connie Mark 2 is Watching You

Super juggling.

Mondo 2011 T-shirt

Mondo 2011 T-shirt

A T-shirt design for the Mondo, the juggling and unicycle arts festival.



Fringe’s Alternate DC Comics

Justice League - Alternate Universe

Justice League - Alternate Universe

I came across this as I was looking for a copy of the Justice League cover for my last post.

I guess back in May of 2010 they did an episode of Fringe that visited an alternate earth in which we saw these alternate reality versions of some iconic DC Comics covers.

Alternate Crisis

Alternate Crisis

I had no idea they’d done this, which shows how closely I’ve been following Fringe. It looks like they went to a ton of effort to have these covers made as a throw-away gag in the background of one episode!

Here’s the blog where I originally discovered this, which features more covers side-by-side with the originals.

And here’s some coverage from DC Comics that has better views of those covers.