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Console Room 2024 – Minneapolis

This weekend I’ll be a guest at my old hometown Doctor Who convention Console Room Jan 12-14 at the Hilton MSP Airport/Mall of America Hotel in Bloomington, MN.

I’m looking forward to seeing many old friends and meeting fellow Doctor Who fans.

I’ll be doing a signing each day of the con. Signatures are free and I’ll have copies for sale of Heralds of Destruction (my 3rd Doctor comic written by Paul Cornell), Operation Volcano (my 7th Doctor comic written by Andrew Cartmel), and Once Upon a Time Lord (my 10th Doctor graphic novel written by Dan Slott). I’ll also have a selection of my 11×17 Doctor Who art prints, including two NEW pieces – the cover art from Once Upon a Time Lord and my design of a “Season 27” era console room as I had designed for Operation Volcano.

Cover - Once Upon a Time Lord  

On Sunday I’ll be privileged to interview Sylvester McCoy on MainStage, so stop by to see how that goes!

Saturday morning at 10:00am I’ll be giving a visual presentation on my history with Doctor Who artwork. It’s a retrospective and also has a bit of window into my process and just some fun stories and Easter eggs. I hope some folks get up early enough on Saturday to come join me!

My full Console Room 2024 schedule is below.

Friday, January 12

4:45pm–5:45pm – The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot
6:00pm–6:30pm – Opening Ceremony
6:45pm–7:45pm – Signing (Prints & Books for Sale)

Saturday, January 13

10:00am–11:00am – Christopher Jones: Drawing Doctor Who for Titan Comics
11:15am–12:15 – Signing (Prints & Books for Sale)
1:45pm–2:45pm – The Curse of the Fatal Death 25th Anniversary

Sunday, January 14

10:00am–11:00am – Signing (Prints & Books for Sale)
12:30pm–1:30pm – The Era of the Professor
1:45pm–2:45pm – Sylvester McCoy Interview
3:00pm – 4:00m – Comics Panel
5:30 PM – 6:00 PM | Closing Ceremony

If you’re at Console Room this weekend, please stop by and say hello!

Christopher Jones at CONSOLE ROOM 2018

What a great time to see my fellow Whovians at the Console Room convention this weekend!

I’ll be in the convention’s Artist Alley located in the Woodlands Room right next to the bar. That’s right – NEXT TO THE BAR! I’ll be at my table there most of the weekend, selling art, signing books, and happy to chat with anyone who stops by.

Two times to look for me elsewhere:

  • Saturday at 10:00am Katy Rex and I will be talking to Dave Wheeler on Main Stage about Creating Comic Books.
  • Saturday at 12:30pm when I’ll be interviewing Console Room guest Dan Starky on Main Stage, talking about his recurring role as Strax and what it’s like being the most famous Sontaran in Doctor Who.

Last weekend’s Free Comic Book Day saw the release of Titan Comics’ Doctor Who free comic which not only featured the debut of Jodie Whitaker’s 13th Doctor, but had a 5-page teaser for my 7th Doctor mini-series Operation Volcano that is coming out in June. (Below are my covers for the first two issues of that series featuring Sylvester McCoy’s 7th Doctor and Sophie Aldred’s Ace, plus a cover featuring David Tennant’s 10th Doctor I did for Titan’s “Road to the 13th Doctor” mini-series.)


I won’t yet have copies for sale of either of those books, but I do have the trade paperback collection of the 3rd Doctor mini-series Heralds of Destruction that I did last year with Paul Cornell. Pick one up and get it signed!

New 11×17 Prints For Sale!

I’ve done a number of new prints since Console Room last year: “Thirteen” featuring Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, “The Paternoster Gang” featuring Strax, Madame Vastra and Jenny, and if you like me you love Doctor Who AND Superheroes, check out “Love at First Sight” featuring Harley Quinn and the TARDIS.

It may not be new, but given the current comic book I’m drawing you might want to check out “Come on Ace, We’ve Got Work To Do!” featuring The 7th Doctor and Ace versus an army of Daleks. It’s the print that led to me doing Doctor Who comics for Titan! (Ask and I’ll tell you the story!)

If you’re a Young Justice fans like me and are chomping at the bit for the premiere of the long awaited 3rd Season later this year, I have a bonanza of prints to tide you over! The Season 2 Team print, The Bat Family, The Flash Family (aka “Flash Forward”), The Marvel Family, and for you villain fans out there, Let There Be Light are all new since last year.


In addition the new additions I’ll still have my full selection of 11″x17″ color prints including Young Justice and Doctor Who favorites and even Svengoolie!



 Justice League art print by Christopher Jones 

And I’ll also have my selection of 8.5″x11″ prints at $10 (color) and $5 (black & white)

Raven Teen Titans Print Bluepulse Black and White Print with Impulse and Blue Beetle
Wonder Woman 77  

You can see the rest of my prints in my gallery. As usual, all my prints are available from my Etsy store, but they’re cheaper to get from me in person at my discounted convention prices.

Commission Sketches

I will be doing sketches during the convention. Stop by my table, H4, on Friday or Saturday to get on my list! Here are my at-the-con sketch rates.

  • Full Figure: $100 for the first character + $80 for each additional character
  • Head Sketch (shoulders & up): $60 or $40 with a current student ID

My sketches are ink drawings done with brush pens on 9″x12″ Bristol. I’ll do commission drawings for the same rates in sketchbooks or on sketch covers for the same rates if you provide the book.

         NYCC 2013 Dickbabs

2018 Convention Exclusive Free Mini-Print


All you have to do is show me that you follow one of my social media accounts and you can get any one of these 4″x6″ full-color mini-prints (or the button!).

As always…

  • Autographs are always free and I’ll sign anything you bring me. (Check out my guide to asking for signatures and drawings at conventions!)
  • I do not charge for photos and I am happy to take a photo with anyone who asks!
  • I’m happy to do interviews, podcasts, snippets, goofy stuff, and whatever any day but Sunday, but the earlier you can drop by, the better!
  • I will draw any cannon character ship kissing if asked. I will draw any two characters together doing non-romantic/sexual things, regardless of whether it’s cannon or not.

Please stop by and say hello, grab your free mini-print, and if you’re cosplaying, let me take a photo for my Facebook page.

Minnesota Whovians! Come see me at CONsole Room this weekend!


CONsole Room logo 400x400

This weekend (May 29-31) I’ll be a featured guest at CONsole Room 2015: The Twin Cities Dilemma , a Doctor Who convention here in my local Twin Cities, MN held at the Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport. I couldn’t attend last year’s inaugural convention due to a conflict, so when I was invited as a guest this year I was delighted to say yes!

Here’s my schedule for the weekend:

Friday 7:00 PM

  • Opening Ceremony (Main Stage/Ballrooms II-IV) Opening ceremony is our time to officially welcome both our attendees and guests to CONsole Room 2015: The Twin Cities Dilemma. Join us for a welcome from convention chairperson Jason Tucker and wave hello to all of our fabulous guests as well!

Saturday 11:30 AM

  • Introducing fans to the new series of Doctor who (Mallard Point) Rose or New Earth? What are the best episodes of the new series of Doctor Who to show to a newbie? Featuring – Christopher Jones, Sarah Humphries 

Sunday 2:30 PM

  • Comic Book Artist Conversation (Main Stage/Ballrooms II-IV) Are you an aspiring comic book artist? Visit Main Stage to hear from two of our Featured Guests who have worked on comics like Young Justice, Marvel Superhero Squad, X-Files, Godzilla and more. Featuring – Christopher Jones, Gordon Purcell

Sunday 4:00 PM

  • Closing Ceremony (Main Stage/Ballrooms II-IV) It’s the end, again! How did another CONsole Room fly by?! Join CONsole Room chairperson Jason Tucker along with all of our guests to bid farewell to CONsole Room 2015. Don’t worry though – you’ll also get to hear a little bit about what we have planned for CONsole Room 2016!

I’ll of course be set up at a table for the duration of the convention and have my full selection of prints available, featuring Doctor Who, superheroes and more. I’ll also be selling comic books I’ve worked on including Young Justice trade paperbacks. I’ll also be doing sketch commissions.

The Guest of Honor at CONsole Room this year is Doctor Who‘s Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker. Given that, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add an 11×17″ color portrait of The Sixth Doctor to my collection of Doctor Who prints!

The Sixth Doctor - Framed prev


Each of these 8.5×11″ black and white prints are just $5.00!


Nightwing's Butt 11242897_10152759523481372_1437973553_oWonder Woman 77

I’ve got some 8.5×11″ Classic Doctor goodness too.


Dr Who - Hartnell prev 402586_308524479185154_2005415147_n

And, let’s not forget the 11×17″…


Go Team Batgirl! Bat Wolf Art Print
for the fans print644373_489660067738260_411142785_n 5983_489660081071592_1422760320_n TARDIS-on-Alien-World-Framed-Print-prev Sonic-Envy-reframed-prev 419749_322498741121061_1633382668_n 602106_489660681071532_1188768855_n Bill-Ted-Daleks-Restoration-Framed-prev

These 11×17″ full color prints are just $20 each (a significant discount from my Etsy store), and as usual, 3 for $50 on all of my 11×17″ prints.

I’ll also have my newest free mini-print for my Facebook and Twitter followers!

Wonder Woman Flying her invisible jet mini-print

Looking forward to seeing all of you Whovians this weekend!

If you haven’t pre-registered for CONsole Room but would still like to attend, you can find At-the-Door Registration info here. They DO have 1-day passes available!

See you in the CONsole Room!