Cincinnati Comic Expo 2013 Cosplay Photos

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I had a great time at the Cincinnati Comic Expo this past weekend. I’ll have a write-up of the weekend shortly, but I got so many great cosplay photos, I decided to give them their own post. My thanks to all the great cosplayers who stopped to have their photo taken, and a big thanks to my web minion and booth helper Hal Bichel for taking most of these photos while I was busy drawing and talking to fans!


CCE13 FRI - Velma

Velma Dinkley

CCE13 FRI - Green Army Guy

Green Army Man

CCE13 FRI - Joker


The show was only open on Friday night for two hours for Exhibitors and VIP ticket holders, but there were already some cosplayers about.


CCE13 FRI - Geek Prom

CCE13 Geek Prom

CCE13 FRI - TMNT Balloons

Ninja Turtle Balloons

CCE13 FRI - Geek Prom Batgirl & Robin

Me flanked by Batgirl & Robin

There was a Geek Prom event on Friday night, with a theme of Saturday Morning Cartoons. There were plenty of cosplayers, pajamas and breakfast cereal, as well as some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle balloon sculptures as decoration!

CCE13 FRI - Geek Prom Leia Amanda

Amanda as Leia

CCE13 FRI - Geek Prom Morpheus & Death

Morpheus & Death

CCE13 FRI - Geek Prom Batman & Selina

“Lazy Batman” and Selina Kyle

Amanda was the con volunteer who met me at the Airport, and she’d changed into a Princess Leia cosplay for the Geek Prom. Loved “Lazy Batman” in his Bat-Robe.

CCE13 Geek Prom - Joker


CCE13 FRI - Geek Prom Henson & Kermit

Kermit & Jim Henson

CCE13 FRI - Geek Prom Prom King

Deadpool as Prom King

Check out Kermit‘s steampunk hat! Towards the end of the evening, Deadpool (and his companion Batgirl) were named King and Queen of the prom!

CCE13 SAT - Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

CCE13 SAT - Enchantress Loki Riddler Thor

Enchantress, Loki, Riddler, & Thor

Riddle me this: Thy is The Riddler hanging out with the crew from Asgard? Anything goes in cosplay!

CCE13 SAT - Scarecrow


CCE13 SAT - Fancy Solomon Grundy

“Fancy” Solomon Grundy

CCE13 SAT - Pair of Robins

A pair of Robins

When we saw that the nerdy looking zombie was “Fancy” Solomon Grundy we cracked up.

CCE13 SAT - Rose Jack Empty Child

Rose, Jack, and The Empty Child

CCE13 SAT - Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Great group cosplays at CCE13.

CCE13 SAT - Doctor Octopus

Dr. Octopus

CCE13 SAT - Robin


CCE13 SAT - Walt & Mickey

Walt Disney & Mickey

Loved the Doc Ock cosplay! Note the little Mickey Mouse in Walt Disney‘s pocket!

CCE13 SAT - 11 with Stetson

The 11th Doctor

CCE13 SAT - Me & Wonder Woman

Me with Wonder Woman

A great 11th Doctor with a to-scale sonic screwdriver! And a FANTASTIC Wonder Woman!

CCE13 SAT - Cap Spawn Bat

Cap, Spawn, & Batman

CCE13 SAT - Spawn Unmasked


That may be the best Spawn costume I’ve ever seen!

CCE13 SAT - Flash

The Flash

CCE13 SAT - Beast


CCE13 SAT - Captain & Mary Marvel

Captain & Mary Marvel

I love me some Marvel Family!

CCE13 SAT - Disco Nightwing


CCE13 SAT - Black Lightning


CCE13 SAT - Mortal Combat Jade

Mortal Combat’s Jade

Nightwing really got into the spirit of my Disco Wing mini-print!

CCE13 SAT - Mal & Kaylee

Mal & Kaylee

CCE13 SAT - Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel

This Ms. Marvel was one of my favorite cosplayers at CCE13!

CCE13 SAT - Brave Family

The Brave Family

CCE13 SUN - Fate & Zatanna

Dr Fate & Zatanna

Two family portraits (If you assume Young Justice continuity where Zatanna’s father Zatarra becomes a host for Doctor Fate!).

CCE13 SAT - 1st Doctors

1st Doctors

CCE13 SAT - Alan Scott Green Lantern

Alan Scott Green Lantern

CCE13 SAT - Judges


These judges inspected my booth for code violations. I was lucky enough to keep out of the iso-cubes.

CCE13 SAT - Ant-Man


CCE13 SAT - Zatanna


CCE13 SAT - Gambit & Luke Cage

Gambit & Luke Cage


CCE13 SUN - Doctor & TARDIS

4th Doctor & The TARDIS

CCE13 SUN - River and Amy

River Song & Amy Pond

CCE13 SUN - Slave Leia

Slave Leia

That River Song / Amy Pond pair really were mother and daughter – but you know – the other way around. And I spotted a Slave Leia, so it was officially a convention!

CCE13 SUN - Stormtrooper


CCE13 SUN - Thor


Welcome to the Asgardian gun show!

CCE13 SUN - 11th Doctor

11th Doctor

CCE13 SUN - Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

CCE13 SUN - River Song

River Song

Who’d like to see a Team TARDIS consisting of the Doctor, Indiana Jones, and River Song?

CCE13 SUN - Batgirl & Batman

Batgirl & Batman

CCE13 SUN - Two-Face


Thankfully these three didn’t all stop by at the same time – there could have been trouble.

CCE13 SUN - Nightwing


CCE13 SUN - Me and Batman

Me with The Batman

Apparently the denizens of Gotham were out in force on Sunday…

CCE13 SUN - Chell


CCE13 SUN - Vocaloid


CCE13 SUN - Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Love the Poison Ivy dress!

CCE13 SUN - Ensign Ro & Iron Man

Ensign Ro & Iron Man

CCE13 SUN - Ensign Ro vs Gorn

Ensign Ro vs The Gorn

And finally, here’s a pair of photos featuring Web Minion Hal in her Ensign Ro cosplay. My thanks to her again for taking most of these photos!

You can read all about the Cincinnati Comic Expo at their website!


  • By ChibiOkamiko, September 19, 2013 @ 1:14 am

    What a great album! I’m so sad I missed the expo, I had to work last weekend. My nephew was the little 11th Doctor though, you got a great picture! May I add it to his Facebook album for the Expo? I would credit you in the details.

  • By Christopher Jones, September 19, 2013 @ 1:17 am

    Please do! And your nephew made a GREAT 11th Doctor!

  • By ChibiOkamiko, September 19, 2013 @ 2:44 am

    Thank you very much, sir. ^_^ I appreciate it!

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