Young Justice #9 reviews

Young Justice #9

Young Justice #9

I found a couple of nice reviews on line for Young Justice #9, featuring part one of our Captain Atom storyline. The first review was on the Superman Homepage, and the second (which is in video form) is on ComicVine.

Both reviews say positive things about the art in passing (which is appreciated), but most reviews of these books if they mention the art at all do so in terms of whether it captures the look of the show or talks style and the designs of the show itself, saying very little about the specific art of the comic book in question.

Come on, reviewers! You can do better than that! Take a look at the storytelling, the character acting, panel composition, page design…! Yes, the art is based on the look of an animated TV show. What else have you got to say about it? Bring it!

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