Happy Halloween from Ambush Bug

I wish this was a real comic.

Ambush Bug Adventures

Ambush Bug Adventures

This was drawn and colored by me as a gift for a huge fan of Ambush Bug, and was never for a real issue of Justice League Adventures, despite the fact that I drew covers and interiors for several real issues of the title. It was interesting trying to figure out how to translate the rumpled, wrinkly style of Keith Giffen’s Ambush Bug art into the smooth, stylized animation design of Bruce Timm’s Justice League.

There was actually a brief moment when it looked like there might be a story to go with this cover and that I’d get to draw it. After Keith Giffen wrote a Justice League Adventures story featuring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold (that I previously blogged about here), I suggested he be asked if he’d like to do something similar with Ambush Bug. From what I was told he was at least interested, but when the Beetle and Booster story ended up in limbo for several years, it seemed to drag the possibility of another Keith Giffen story for Justice League Adventures into limbo with it.

It would have been such fun…

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