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C2E2 – Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo 2024

C2E2 2024 Tickets Are Now On Sale - Here's What To Know

I’m excited to be returning to C2E2 for the first time in a few years. Chicago is a favorite town of mine and I always have a great time at C2E2. This will be my first time attending since relocating to the Los Angeles area, so it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment to be flying to Chicago instead of road-tripping from Minneapolis!
I will be at the convention all three days (April 26-28) at Artist Alley table H-17 selling prints and comics featuring my art, and generally chatting with fans who want to stop by and say hello. As always, autographs are free. I’ll also be taking a VERY LIMITED number of request for original sketch commissions, so if you’re interested, stop by EARLY and reserve your space on the list.

More details below:

C2E2 will be held in the South Building at McCormick Place located at 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois. Artist Alley will be in the same section of the show floor as last year, in the back right section of the South Hall.                         

Artist Alley Hours are:

Friday, April 26: 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM
Saturday, April 27: 10:00 AM — 7:00 PM
Sunday, April 28: 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM

Art Prints

My prints are 11″x17″ on cardstock paper. They are $20 each (already a savings over what they cost when ordered from my Etsy store), but I can offer a discount of 3 for $50. I’ll have a selection of Young Justice and Doctor Who prints available, plus Justice League and Harley Quinn prints. And of course, I’m not coming to Chicago without bringing my Svengoolie portrait, as seen on the set of the Svengoolie TV show!

Harley Quinn - Check Please

In addition to many of the old favorites I’ll have available again this year, I have SIX new Young Justice prints being offered at a convention for the first time at C2E2 2024!

If you can’t make it to C2E2, all my prints are also available from my Etsy store.

I have very few slots available for commissions left, so if you’re interested I’d suggest seeking me out EARLY. If I’m drawing on my own paper I’ve got 9″x12″ bristol, but I will also draw in sketchbooks or on sketch covers if you bring them to me. Head-and-shoulders sketches are $100 and a full figure is $200.



I hope to see you there!

Join Me in the Metaverse


It’s been the year without conventions…

After having had to pass on Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this year because of scheduling, the pandemic saw the cancellation of my usual cycle of conventions: Emerald City Comic Con, MCBA SpringCon, CONvergence, and now New York Comic Con. I’ve been working away as part of the crew of Season 4 of Young Justice from my apartment in Studio City, CA. I’m doing fine, but definitely missing my usual convention rounds. I’ve missed the time with friends, the travel, meeting fans, and the whole convention experience. So I jumped at the chance to take part in the Metaverse event put on my Reedpop, the people behind NYCC.

Christopher Jones Metaverse ad

What is Metaverse? Here’s how they describe themselves:

New York Comic Con x MCM Comic Con’s Metaverse is a virtual realm that is the sum of all fandoms, taking place on October 8-11. 

You’ll encounter FREE panels streamed to YouTube, experience one-of-a-kind interactions with your favorite celebs and creators, discover new releases, explore a rich exhibitor marketplace and our famous Artist Alley, get access to exclusive merchandise, and connect with other fans from across the globe to celebrate all things pop culture.

Check out their main page here:

Shortcut to Artist Alley listing:


If you find my Artist Alley listing, the link will just take you back to this website. So where you can you buy my stuff? Here.

And for the rest of October, if you use the Coupon Code “METAVERSE” you can get 33% off any order of $50 or more. Which means you can get any 11″x17″ color print that normally sells online for $30 for the convention price of $20 if you buy 2 or more.

Justice League Reunion at New York Comic Con 2015

DCAU FANS! If you’re going to New York Comic Con, this is your year!!!!! There is a Justice League Animated Series reunion happening! The voice talent behind the series will be doing a panel, including A LIVE TABLE READ, and they will all be meeting fans and signing autographs for the duration of the convention!

Justice League Reunion at NYCC 2015 Informational Graphic

If this doesn’t get you excited, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you.

Oh, also, I made a new art print to mark the occasion.

Anyway, without further adieu, here’s everything you need to know about the New York Comic Con 2015 Justice League Reunion!



You’ll want to follow the Twitter account @JLReunion for up-to-the-minute coverage, not to mention Justice League fun stuff leading up to and during the NYCC 2015 Justice League reunion!

Also, follow and tweet under the hashtag #JLNYCC for everything Justice League Reunion related! (Don’t forget to also add the official New York Comic Con hashtag, #NYCC!)

Oh, and make sure you’re following the voice cast while you’re at it! Their Twitter handles are @georgenewbern, @Maria_CB@phillamarr@RealKevinConroy, and @susaneisenberg1.


Reunion Panel

Promotional Image for Justice League Reunion Panel at NYCC

The Adventure Continues: A Justice League Reunion Event – Fri. October 9, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, Empire Stage 1-E

The league is back! For the first time in over a decade, the founding members of the acclaimed series Justice League will reunite at NYCC! Join Batman (Kevin Conroy), Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg), Superman (George Newbern), Green Lantern (Phil LaMarr), Hawkgirl (Maria Canals-Barrera), Martian Manhunter (Carl Lumbly) and legendary Voice Director Andrea Romano as they reminisce about their fondest memories from the show, answer questions from the Fans, perform a live table read from an original JL script and more. The Watchtower is calling – we’ll see you there!


Justice League Art Print

Wonder Woman voice actress Susan Eisenberg asked me on Twitter if I’d be interested in creating an art print to mark the occasion of the New York Comic Con 2015 Justice League Reunion. I don’t think I can quite communicate to you the enthusiasm with which I immediately began sketching. You see, that I drew a handful of Justice League Adventures comics is almost irrelevant next to what a MASSIVE FANBOY I am about the Justice League animated series. So, creating this art was a huge honor. I hope you like it, and that if you do, you take home a copy for yourself.

Justice League art print by Christopher Jones

I’ll have it available all 4 days (or until I run out!) at the usual convention price of $20. After the convention, it will join the rest of my prints on my Etsy store for $30. You’ll find me at New York Comic Con Artist Alley table D9. Here’s a map:

Map to find Christopher Jones at Artist Alley D9 at NYCC 2015


Voice Cast/Crew Signings

The original voice cast and crew are doing signings ALL WEEKEND! You should have no trouble meeting these fantastic, talented people and getting all your Justice League swag – including that Justice League print – signed!

Here are all their signing schedules in one handy place for your reference, with links so you can easily add them to NYCC’s My Show Planner.

Andrea Romano (Voice Director)

Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter)

George Newbern (Superman)

Kevin Conroy (Batman)

Maria Canals-Barrera (Hawkgirl)

Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern)

Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman)

Out TODAY – Young Justice #22: Invasion 3 of 6

Young Justice #22 Cover

Young Justice #22 Cover

Young Justice #21, the latest issue of the DC Comics title based on the current Cartoon Network animated series of the same name, arrives in comic book and hobby stores TODAY.

In case you missed it, YOUNG JUSTICE has jumped five years ahead to mirror the hit Cartoon Network animated series, Young Justice: Invasion. The team’s new adventures continue in YOUNG JUSTICE #22.

Brainiac has trapped Metropolis within a force field and only the Young Justice team and the Justice League can save them! Little do they know, Lex Luthor’s secret weapon has just escaped and is ready to wreak havoc on the city. Can the teams save their friends and the citizens of Metropolis in time? Meanwhile, Superboy and four very powerful members of the League discover who has imprisoned them on the moon. Can they escape to help their friends on earth before it’s too late? Or will they be trapped in space forever?

YOUNG JUSTICE #22, in stores tomorrow, is written by Greg Weisman and illustrated by Christopher Jones.

Preview Page 1

Preview Page 1

Preview Page 2

Preview Page 2

Preview Page 3

Preview Page 3

Preview Page 4

Preview Page 4

Preview Page 5

Preview Page 5

Young Justice: Invasion, and the entire DC Nation programming block, is currently on hiatus until January 2013. In the meantime you can get your fix with the Young Justice comic, so be sure to pick the issue up at your local comics shop or in digital form!

And don’t forget to grab your copy of the COLLECTED Young Justice! If you know a Young Justice fan, they make great gifts!

In stores NOW:

Features issues #0-6. Cover Price: $12.99

Features issues #7-13. Cover Price: $12.99

and coming in 2013:

Features issues #14-19!
Release Date:
February 13th, 2013 Cover Price: $12.99

Toy Turns: Robotman

Justice League Unlimited characters

Justice League Unlimited characters

I’m launching a new series of posts here, as I wanted to share with you some of the character turns I did for DC Licensing which became the basis for some action figures by Mattel.

Mattel did a huge line of action figures based on the popular Justice League animated series that aired on Cartoon Network a few years ago. With the legions of heroes and villains and variant versions of those characters they appeared on the show, they had a lot to work with. But as they were coming to the end of the marketable characters to make toys from, Mattel wanted to keep the successful line going. The solution was to make figures based on DC Comics characters who never appeared on the show, and convert them into the distinctive style of the Justice League show!

I was hired by DC Licensing to do character turns (front, back and side views) of certain DC characters, translating them into the style of the Justice League animation designs. I was a fairly logical choice to do this as I had done other work for DC Licensing in the past and had drawn several issues of the comic book tie-in for the animated series in question, so I was fairly familiar with the stylistic traits of the series.

Robotman - Comic Book version

Robotman - Comic Book version

To be clear, I wasn’t designing toys, I was creating animation designs: I wasn’t making any allowances for hinged action figure joints or anything of the like, I was just trying to create a sleek, simple version of each character that would be the kind of interpretation that would be made when translating the character for animation. Even if these designs would never be animated, those are the sensibilities behind the existing Justice League designs I was trying to match. Taking my lead from what had been done with other DC Comics characters designed for the show, I felt I could take certain liberties with a given character’s look or costume to make that sleek/simple thing work, but that I otherwise should stick with a classic interpretation of the character.

The most fun I had with this series might have come when I was given the chance to do a 4-character set of designs featuring the Doom Patrol. These characters had appeared in animation on the Teen Titans animated series, but that show had a very different design style than Justice League, so I didn’t really refer to those designs and instead drew all my inspiration from the original 1960s versions of the characters from the comics. The first Doom Patrol member we’ll be looking at is Robotman.

The most noticeable thing about the Justice League animation style is that the heroic male characters have *ridiculously* broad shoulders – they’re all chest and shoulders with narrow hips. (The scary thing is that when you draw these characters for long enough, those proportions start to look normal.) The characters are constructed from fairly basic geometric shapes, and the silhouettes tend to be angular, but slightly rounded. I put Robotman through the Justice League animation filter and got this:

JLU Turns - Robotman

JLU Turns - Robotman

Aside from wrapping the comic book design around the proportions typical of the Justice League animation style, the one departure I took from the classic look was the D I placed on Robotman where a belt buckle would be. I placed this D on all the Doom Patrol designs I did, figuring that it would be a nice visual element to tie the four together, as nothing else about their appearances connected them as  a team. If anyone had objected, it was the kind of detail that would be easy enough to remove!

Robotman - Front

Robotman - Front

Robotman - back

Robotman - back

Robotman - DRAMATIC!

Robotman - DRAMATIC!

I guess they liked the D! You can see where some compromises were made to translate the “animation design” drawing into an action figure. The legs are a little stockier and the stance is wider so the figure will balance better, but otherwise it’s pretty close!

Robotman card back

Robotman card back

And check this out! Here’s the back of the card from the packaging for the Robotman figure. It shows the other characters from the Doom Patrol set within the larger Justice League Unlimited figure series. But wait, what’s that across the top?

Robotman bio & artwork

Robotman bio & artwork

Yep, that’s my Character Turn art on the packaging. They did this with pretty much all the figures I helped design. Cool, huh? I sure thought so! Next up for Toy Turns, the rest of the Doom Patrol, and then we’ll move on to some of the other characters I did.

Doom Patrol action figures

Doom Patrol action figures

As always, questions and comments are welcome!