Young Justice #12 solicitation is out

Young Justice #12 Cover Inks

Young Justice #12 Cover Inks

Young Justice #12 - cover colors

Young Justice #12 - cover colors

Written by: Greg Weisman and Kevin Hopps

Art and cover by: Christopher Jones

There’s a new menace in Gotham City: a creature so strange – and so versatile – that not even the combined might of the entire Young Justice team can stand against it. Witness the origin of…Clayface!

On sale January 18th, 2011. Cover price is $2.99 US. Rated E.

Young Justice features work by the creative team of artist Christopher Jones and writers Greg Weisman and Kevin Hopps. Weisman is one of the producers for the Young Justice animated series, and Hopps a regular fixture in of the show’s creative team.

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