Out Wednesday: Batman ’66 #7 – featuring FALSE FACE!


BATMAN ‘66 #7 collects the False Face 2-parter written by Jeff Parker and drawn by myself (Christopher Jones) that already appeared in digital form with all kinds of fansy-shmancy motion enhancements. The solicitation describes it this way: “Horrors! Bruce Wayne is trying to scam a jewelry store and put the blame on poor Aunt Harriet? Or could it actually be the work of that mysterious master of disguises, False Face?

The story also features a guest appearance by The Riddler, and the debut of the Batman ’66 version of The Batplane! I’m a huge fan of the 1960’s Batman Television Series, so it was a huge treat to get to draw this story, especially given the great Jeff Parker script and the appearance of two of my favorite Bat-villains!

Check out the great Mike Allred cover above, and you can see previews of the first five pages of the story with artwork by me below!


The comic issue features a second story written by Tom Peyer and drawn by Derec Donovan. Find out how crime really pays when the Clown Prince of Crime tries to downsize his mob in “The Joker’s Layoff Riot.”

Be sure to pick the issue up at your local comics shop or in digital form!

BATMAN ‘66 #7

Written by: Jeff Parker, Tom Peyer
Art by: Christopher Jones, Derec Donovan
Cover by: Mike Allred
Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: Jan 22 2014

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