Guest of Honor at Anime Detour 2014: The Manga was Better

Anime Detour 2014

I am pleased to announce I’ll be a guest of honor at Anime Detour in MN this year! The theme is, “The Manga was Better”. (The convention is sold out by now, but I’m told it’s still possible to buy a transferred membership via Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.)

There will be a Young Justice meet-up (TBA), and I’m hoping to drop in on some other meet-ups while there, so if you are running one you think I’d be interested in, let me know! ESPECIALLY a tumblr meet-up. That would be cool. I’m submitting some panel ideas of my own about comic art, but if you’re running a panel you would like me to be on, assuming it would fit in my schedule, I’d be more than happy to join you! I love participating on fan-run panels!

I will have a table all weekend in the dealer area so you guys can find me, and I WILL have signed Disco Nightwing mini-prints and probably some other goodies for FREE for my followers.


Photos & signatures are also always absolutely FREE. I’ll have $5 prints and $20 prints available. Also, since this is a convention in my city, I’ll be able to bring my whole stash of comic books for sale. I will have Young Justice trade paperbacks and if you’re looking for The Batman Strikes comics, I have lots!

Here is the full Anime Detour 2014 guest list:

Anime Detour 2014 will be my first Anime convention and I am really looking forward to it! I will admit I haven’t watched much anime in the past decade, but there seems to be a whole lot of crossover with Doctor Who, DC Comics and more in the Anime crowd so I’m sure I’ll be right at home! Stay tuned for more details as plans are finalized!

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