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I’m donating Micronauts art to the C2E2 Charity Auction

The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) is THIS WEEKEND and I wanted to share with you the piece I’m donating to the C2E2 Charity Auction which benefits the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Microns original art photo

Original Line Art on 11×17″ Bristol


The final page of the Microns story from Avengers: EMH #7

This is a group portrait of The Micronauts (re-named the “Microns” for legal reasons) as they appeared in Marvel Universe – Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #7. This art was used as part of a special-effects panel where the Microns were shrinking from action figure size down into their sub-atomic universe.

The Auction will be held Saturday night at 7:30pm in room 1W475B and if you’re interested in attending we would love to have you come down and join the fun! There will be some great items up for auction, and the proceeds go to a great cause, so please check it out!

I hope to see MANY of you at C2E2 this weekend. You’ll find me at table B7 in Artist Alley, and remember to like Christopher Jones Comic Art on Facebook or follow me as @ChrisJonesArt on Twitter to get a FREE 1″ button or full color, signed mini-print! Check out this post for all the details.

And if you can’t make it to C2E2, click here to see the rest of my upcoming convention appearances!



Marvel Universe – Avengers:Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #16

Adapted by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Christopher Jones

Ms. Marvel joins the Avengers against Ronan the Accuser.
Based on season two of the hit Disney XD TV show!
32 Pages / All Ages – $2.99

This is the second in a series of three covers I did recently for the comic book tie-in for the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated TV show.

Initially all I was told was that the cover was to feature “Ronan the Accuser and Captain Mar-Vell putting the earth on trial.”

Without any other specifics on the story, I wasn’t sure how to represent that idea visually? I asked “Would you want some kind of alien courtroom setting? Who other than Ronan and Mar-Vel would need to be on the cover?”

I was told “Let’s go a little more sci-fi here – Ronan and Captain Mar-Vell looking down on Earth, the Avengers preparing to defend it,” and that the Avengers to be included were Captain America, Ms. Marvel and Iron Man.

Ronan & Mar-Vel cover sketch

Sketch A

Ronan & Mar-Vel cover sketch b

Sketch B

My first thought was to have the heroes in a “ready for a fight” pose with Ronan and Mar-Vell towering over them, looking judgmental. I wanted Earth in the background, which meant that our immediate location needed to be in open space or on a spaceship of some kind. If they were on a ship, what kind of ship was it? If they were in open space, are the Avengers characters wearing space suits? I was reluctant to solve these problems with specifics that wouldn’t correlate with the actual story.

I had a second take on the cover that gave more focus to the story’s “guest stars” Ronan and Mar-Vell, looking from their level down at the trio of heroes on some kind of platform with a protective force field dome and the Earth behind them. While this platform was likely to be specific only to the cover and not found in the story, this layout seemed to do a much better job of getting across the idea of Ronan and Mar-Vel presiding in judgement over Earth and the heroes. To strengthen this impression I put the heroes in shackles, and tried to make the platform a bit of Kirby-esque space sculpture but also bearing a resemblance to the top of a Grecian column, hopefully further evoking a courtroom ambiance.

Avengers EMH - Ronan Cover pencils 100

Cover Pencils

Avengers EMH Cover - Ronan 100

Cover Inks

Sketch B was chosen, so pencils and inks were pretty straightforward. I had a great deal of fun drawing Ronan and Mar-vell, especially.

You can find my previous Creating a Cover installments here.

The Weekly Dose Podcast #14

I did another interview about my comics career, drawing DC’s Young Justice comic and Marvel’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes comic, the uniqueness that is Young Justice fandom, and CONvergence! I’m at about 40m:30s mark.


To listen to the podcast on the Comic Book Therapy website, click here!

And if you’re interested in more interviews with me about comics, visit my press page.

Heading to New York Comic Con!

NYCC 2012 Infographic

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Sunday from 2:30-3:30pm I’ll be on the Drawing DC: Kids Edition panel in Room 1A06.

Chris & Young Justice cosplayers at C2E2

Chris & Young Justice cosplayers at C2E2

Are you a cosplayer? I’d love to take your photo to share on my blog, and I’d especially love to have a photo taken *with* any cosplayers wearing costumes from Young Justice, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, or any of my other projects! Stop by and I might just have a freebie for you, too!

Can’t wait to meet you all!