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Christopher Jones Art Prints – 30% OFF sale!

Forget “March Madness,” this is APRIL MADNESS!

For those of you who don’t have the opportunity to see me at a comic convention or signing but want to pick up one or more of my art prints, my art prints are also available for purchase in my Etsy store. From now until the end of April, I’m holding an online art sale! This is your chance to pick up that Young Justice, Doctor Who, or other sci-fi/superhero print of mine you’ve been eyeing at a bit of a discount.

April Madness 2017 Art Sale will run until April 30, and is good on combination of purchases of my 11″x17″ or 8.5″x11″ prints totaling $50 or more before the discount. This special discount does NOT apply to the original artwork available in my Etsy store, ONLY to my prints.

Check out my Etsy Store at to see the full selection of art prints I have available. Use the discount code “AprilMadness2017” at checkout!

Also, prints now ship inside the United States at just $5 for any size order, and there’s a combined shipping discount on international orders.

Art prints all feature an original signature by the artist (yours truly) and can be personalized upon request.

DOOM! – A new print in my Etsy store!

Doctor Doom pin-up DOOM! - Framed color prev

I just added a new print to my Etsy Store: By popular demand, I’ve done a color version of my Doctor Doom print, previously available only as black and white line art.

You can see some of my other most popular prints below, and you can see all the prints I have available by visiting my Etsy Store.

Young Justice - Framed prev The Family Crock - Framed prev I Am The Master - Framed prev
Come on Ace - Framed Print prev Sonic Envy

Herbert West: Re-Animator!

Herbert West: Re-Animator

I wanted to post some more of my non-comics work. Here’s a print I did based on the film Re-Animator. I was already a fan of the film when I got to draw the official comic book adaptation for it back in the day. When I heard that the two stars of the film (Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott) were coming to a local convention I thought the time was right to revisit the property and you can see the results here. I was really happy with how this turned out. Herbert West, the central character of the film,  is most prominent with a ready syringe of his re-animating “re-agent.” The other main characters of the film surround him in a nightmarish montage in green: Dan Cain, Megan Halsey, Dr. Carl Hill and the much-suffering Dean Halsey. Oh, and Rufus. The cat. Also much-suffering.

I gave both actors a copy when I met them and got them to both sign my personal copy which now hangs on my wall. If only Barbara Crampton had been there so I could  have gotten her signature, too!

An 11×17 print of this piece (without the URL watermark) is available at my Etsy store.

Prints for Sale

Most Heinous

Most Heinous

Intellect and Romance

Intellect and Romance

My Etsy store is back and I’ve got prints for sale!

Sonic Envy

Sonic Envy

It’s not ALL Doctor Who stuff. I’ve got my Green Hornet and Re-Animator prints available as well. In the coming weeks I’ll be offering original comic art as well. You can see my shop at the Buy Stuff link above, or go directly to my Etsy Store.