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Cosplay Appreciation Day: Creators for Cosplay

One of my favorite parts of appearing at conventions is the cosplayers – not just seeing them walking around, but when they come up to my table to talk to me and it’s so very clear that their costume comes from a place of love for the character. They have such a passion for the character that they literally have to wrap themselves up in it. I love fans in general, but this variety is probably the most delightful and they just fuel me through a long day of sketching and working at the table.

I enjoy seeing cosplayers of all sizes, shapes and skill levels at conventions so much that I’ve been collecting photos at my recent convention appearances and sharing them on my Facebook Page. You can find some of them here:

MCBA Springcon 2012
Free Comic Book Day 2012 at The Source Comics and Games
MCBA Fallcon 2012
New York Comic Con 2012

Comics scribe Gail Simone dubbed today Cosplay Appreciaiton Day, and who am I to argue? #CosplayAppreciationDay is trending on Twitter. I’d like to put #CreatorsForCosplay out there as well for those of us in the industry.

So, comic creators across the world, won’t you join me in showing some love for cosplay by sharing pictures on your Facebook, Twitter and Blogs?