Gargoyles: Bad Guys

Time flies.

Back in 2007 I was asked by Greg Weisman if I’d be interested to draw a fill-in issue of his Gargoyles: Bad Guys mini-series. The book was for Slave Labor Graphics, a publisher also doing the main Gargoyles comic, itself a continuation of the Disney’s Gargoyles animated TV series. The comics were written by Greg and are considered a continuation of the canon of the show. Gargoyles: Bad Guys was a 6-issue spin off featuring several characters introduced on the TV show has villains who were now working together and trying to do some good.

Greg knew the Bad Guys comic needed a fill-in on art to keep it on schedule, and we’d been looking to work on something together again following up on our one previous collaboration when I drew a 10-page story called “The Flashback of Notre Dame” Greg wrote for JLA Showcase 80-page Giant #1 back in 2000. That story was an unofficial crossover of sorts, as Captain Atom (a character Greg had written for DC in the 80s) along with some Justice League Europe co-stars encountered some small-“g” gargoyle creatures who bore an uncanny (but legally dissimilar) resemblance to their Disney counterparts. So when Greg asked me about contributing the the Gargoyles: Bad Guys book – even though he counceled me to say no due to the low page rate – I had to say yes.

I penciled and inked the 24 pages of Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3 faster than I would have liked – but it was a lot of fun to play in that particular sandbox. I was invited to bring some of my own style to it and not slavishly follow the animation models for the characters, but given that I was filling in for one issue of a 6-issue series I didn’t want to do anything too drastically different. It’s one of those projects I’d love to do again more on my own terms and with more time, but it’s best to just enjoy it for what it is and move forward. Otherwise you turn into George Lucas…

Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3 pg 11

Gargoyles: Bad Guys #3 pg 11


  • By Karine Charlebois, October 3, 2011 @ 7:37 pm

    Thank you so much for picking up that issue when I had trouble keeping the schedule, but at the page rate, I had to keep a full time job alongside working on this comic. I learned so much from your work! I loved your issue.

    Thanks again, and also for that convention sketch my friend commissioned from you to give me!
    – Karine

  • By cajones, October 3, 2011 @ 7:49 pm

    Hi Karine!

    It was a pleasure to step in for an issue – I certainly understand the time crunch you were under. I enjoyed your work on the book, too!

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