Doctor Who photo silliness

I’ve recently made some goofy Doctor Whoinspired photo-manipulations and mash-ups for my Christopher Jones Comic Art Facebook page. If you don’t follow my page and haven’t seen them there (and why DON’T you follow that page? Give me a “like” for Pete’s sake!), I thought I’d post a few of them here.

Eggsquisite, isn't it?

Eggsquisite, isn’t it?

This was the first one, inspired by a gag in Asylum of the Daleks, the Doctor Who Series 7 opener. I’ve always loved Vincent Price as Egghead on the Adam West Batman series, and when the thought popped into my head, this seemed too fun not to visualize. And yes, that’s the Batman credits font I used in the piece.

Thank you for being a Timelord

Thank you for being a Timelord

Then I went kind of nuts and for no good reason did a photo manipulation of Betty White as the Third Doctor. There’s no real connection there, other than possibly the hair.

The Three Doctors - Hartnell Troughton & White

The Three Doctors – Hartnell Troughton & White

While I was looking for a good Betty White photo to use for that last one, I found a photo of her underlit, which inspired me to also work her into one of the Three Doctors publicity photos.

The Real Rule #1

The Real Rule #1

I also slapped the following phrase on a found, otherwise unaltered image of Doctor Who writer/producer Steven Moffat on the set of Time Crash, the 10th Doctor/5th Doctor crossover that was done for charity. Because as often as the TV show reminds us that Rule #1 is “The Doctor lies,” the real Rule #1 would seem to be that Moffat lies about his plans for the show!

And finally, the second new Doctor Who episode of the season is titled Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, the title of course referencing the cult Samuel L. Jackson movie Snakes on a Plane, which inspired me to create this, which is probably my favorite of these photo-manipulations to date!

"I DARE you to say 'Doctor WHO!'"

“I DARE you to say ‘Doctor WHO!'”


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