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Herbert West: Re-Animator!

Herbert West: Re-Animator

I wanted to post some more of my non-comics work. Here’s a print I did based on the film Re-Animator. I was already a fan of the film when I got to draw the official comic book adaptation for it back in the day. When I heard that the two stars of the film (Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott) were coming to a local convention I thought the time was right to revisit the property and you can see the results here. I was really happy with how this turned out. Herbert West, the central character of the film,¬† is most prominent with a ready syringe of his re-animating “re-agent.” The other main characters of the film surround him in a nightmarish montage in green: Dan Cain, Megan Halsey, Dr. Carl Hill and the much-suffering Dean Halsey. Oh, and Rufus. The cat. Also much-suffering.

I gave both actors a copy when I met them and got them to both sign my personal copy which now hangs on my wall. If only Barbara Crampton had been there so I could  have gotten her signature, too!

An 11×17 print of this piece (without the URL watermark) is available at my Etsy store.