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Christopher Jones at C2E2 2017

I’m thrilled to see so many friends and fans again at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend! I’ll be at Artist Alley table U3 for all three days of the convention.

Here’s a handy map to help you find me at the con!

Map to find Christopher Jones at C2E2 2017

Once again everybody’s favorite clown prince of crime Mister J will be joining me!

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Also this year I am happy to have a young artist friend at my table, Kristen Cella!

Kristen Cella with Mister J at C2E2 2016

A book Kristen illustrated, All About Amelia Earhart, was recently awarded the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award! She has also illustrated a graphic novel, My Boyfriend is a Monster #7: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. Check out her website,, for more of her work, and pick up her Impossible Girl print at my table!

Clara Oswald in the TARDIS by Kristen Cella Illustration

2017 Con Exclusive Free Mini-Print

Those who have been following me for a while know that C2E2 is also where I unveil my new FREE mini-print for the year! These are convention exclusive 4″x6″ signed prints that can only be obtained by visiting me at a convention and showing me that you follow me on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a way that I can say thank you to my fans for sticking around. And they’re sort of starting to become collectible, apparently.

Yes, it’s Squirrel Girl with the Infinity Gauntlet. (Because, be honest with yourself, you’ve always wanted to see this.)

Squirrel Girl with the infinity gauntlet by Christopher Jones

I’ll still have my mini-prints from previous years for C2E2 since I’m driving (not worrying about luggage weight really increases what I can bring with me!) So if you’ve missed one, get it while you can.

New Prints Since Last Year 

I’ve got a few new 11″x17″ full color and 9.5″x11″ full color AND black-and-white prints for purchase since last year’s C2E2, too. I think you guys are going to like these. As usual, I’ll be offering all of my prints at a significant discount from my Etsy store prices.

Christopher Jones The Five Claras Doctor Who Art Print

This includes my new “The Five Claras” Doctor Who print, which obviously you need.

Jon Pertwee Homage Print

And my Jon Pertwee print I did to commemorate my run on Heralds of Destruction by Paul Cornell!
I’ve also added these 8.5×11″ color prints featuring Dick Grayson. Umm, do these really need more description? $10 each.
Fifty Shades of Grayson variant print Fifty Shades of Grayson variant print Fifty Shades of Grayson variant print 
And some black and white 8.5″x11″! I kept getting requests for prints featuring Raven and BluePulse, and I do so love giving you guys what you want. These are just $5 each.
Raven Teen Titans Print Bluepulse Black and White Print with Impulse and Blue Beetle
You can see the rest of my prints in my gallery.

C2E2 2017 At-the-Con Sketch Rates 

I will be doing sketches during the convention. Stop by my table, U3, on Friday or Saturday to get on my list! Here are my at-the-con sketch rates.

  • Full Figure: $100 for the first character + $80 for each additional character
  • Head Sketch (shoulders & up): $60 or $40 with a current student ID
  • + $5 for Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Sketch cover provided by me

CCE 2013 Joker NYCC 2012 Miss Martian NYCC 2013 Dickbabs

Don’t Forget to EAT SOMETHING

Yes, there’s a lot going on at a big convention like C2E2, and yes, the food court can be kind of expensive if you’re attending the con on a budget. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. But it’s important to eat, so if you for whatever reason need a snack during the convention, stop by my table (U3) and ask for a granola or breakfast bar. I’ve once again bought a couple big boxes from Costco to share with fans who need it. Free. I do this at all the big conventions because taking care of yourself is important, guys.

Cosplay Repair Kit!


New this year, I will also have a cosplay repair kit with sewing stuff, different sorts of tape, contact cement, and other misc. cosplay repair items. Just ask if you need to use it.

Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful Chicago people again!

Lastly, just to cover a few other questions I often get on twitter:

  • Autographs are always free and I’ll sign anything you bring me. (Check out my guide to asking for signatures and drawings at conventions!)
  • I do not charge for photos and I am happy to take a photo with anyone who asks!
  • I’m happy to do interviews, podcasts, snippets, goofy stuff, and whatever any day but Sunday, but the earlier you can drop by, the better!
  • I will draw any cannon character ship kissing if asked. I will draw any two characters together doing non-romantic/sexual things, regardless of whether it’s cannon or not.

Please stop by and say hello, grab your free mini-print, and if you’re cosplaying, let me take a photo for my Facebook page. Oh, I have an Instagram now too, so be sure to follow me on there too!

Can’t wait to see you all, especially those of you who bring me diet coke every year (you know who you are!)