Christopher Jones at London Film and Comic Con

I’ll be at London Film and Comic Con all three days (27-29 July, 2018), and I couldn’t be more excited to be traveling to my FIRST CONVENTION outside of North America!

That’s right, I’m doing a comic book convention in LONDON while I have a Doctor Who comic coming out! How sweet is that timing? Have you been following my Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor mini-series from Titan Comics? Issues 1 & 2 are out now, with the concluding issue #3 coming out August 1. Writer Andrew Cartmel and I will both be at LFCC, so bring your copies for us to sign, or pick it up from Titan Comics at their booth!


London Film and Comic Con (or #LFCC2018 if you’re one of the cool kids on Twitter) sounds like it’s going to be a metric tonne of fun with lots of exciting guests and events. You can learn more about it on their web site:

I’ll be at my table in Artist Alley most of the weekend, selling art, doing commission sketches, and happy to chat with anyone who stops by.

I’m on three panels over the course of the weekend:

For almost fifty-five years now, Doctor Who has been a mainstay of British entertainment. Join our panel of Doctor Who creators, including one-time Script Editor of Doctor Who, and now writer of the current 7th Doctor series Andrew Cartmel, as they discuss the past, present and future of the comics, books and upcoming games involving this Time Lord! Christopher Jones, Andrew Cartmel, Jeff Cummins, Mike Collins, Giorgia Sposito. Moderator: Antony McGarry-Thickitt (Geek Syndicate)


With so many different types of comics available, sometimes it’s easy to forget that superhero comics have been around for over eighty years now. Join our panel as they discuss why the super hero has stayed fresh for generations. Kevin Hopgood (Iron Man), Daniel Sampere (Injustice 2, JLA), Jorge Jiménez (Superman, Justice League), Sara Pichelli (Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy), Alison Sampson (Jessica Jones), Christopher Jones (Young Justice). Moderator: Irma Page


Since 2004 Markosia have strived to be one of the top UK independent publishers in the business, with creators that had their early starts there including Tony Lee, Ryan Stegman and Fiona Staples among others. Join Special Projects co- ordinator G.M Jordan alongside some current and future creators, as they discuss some upcoming titles – and every attendee gets a limited edition signed A3 poster of Dark Lines of London! Stephen Saleh, Mariela Malova, Haydn Pryce-Jenkins, Tony Lee, Christopher Jones, G.M Jordan.

Prints and Commission Sketches

Yes, I’ll be doing commission sketches at the show an will have my usual prints for sale, but as I can’t use my handy-dandy Square reader to take credit card transactions in the UK, I’ll need to be CASH ONLY. Please plan accordingly if you know you’re going to want to visit my table at the convention. I’m also trying to keep my prices low while balancing that against the convenience of round figures, so please have fives available if at all possible. 11″x17″ prints will be £15 each, or 3 for £25. Commissions will be £50 for a head-and-shoulders sketch and £80 for full-figure (see examples below).

Thank you!

11×17 Prints

I’ll have my usual prints for sale including my newest,“Thirteen” featuring Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor, “The Paternoster Gang” featuring Strax, Madame Vastra and Jenny, and if you like me you love Doctor Who AND Superheroes, check out “Love at First Sight” featuring Harley Quinn and the TARDIS.

It may not be new, but given the current comic book I’m drawing you might want to check out “Come on Ace, We’ve Got Work To Do!” featuring The 7th Doctor and Ace versus an army of Daleks. It’s the print that led to me doing Doctor Who comics for Titan! (Ask and I’ll tell you the story!)

If you’re a Young Justice fans like me and are chomping at the bit for the premiere of the long awaited 3rd Season, I have a bonanza of prints to tide you over! The Season 2 Team print, The Bat Family, The Flash Family (aka “Flash Forward”), The Marvel Family, and for you villain fans out there, Let There Be Light are all new since last year.


Those are only a few of my 11″x17″ prints – stop my Artist Alley table to see them all!

8.5 x 11 Prints

I’ll also have my selection of 8.5″x11″ prints at £10 (color) and £5 (black & white)

Raven Teen Titans Print Bluepulse Black and White Print with Impulse and Blue Beetle
Wonder Woman 77  

As usual, all my prints are available from my Etsy store, but they’re cheaper to get from me in person at my discounted convention prices.

Commission Sketches

I will be doing sketches during the convention. I anticipate a limited amount of time to catch up on my commission sketch list outside of show hours, so get your requests in EARLY, as my list will fill up FAST!

  • Full Figure: £80 for the first character +£60 for each additional character
  • Head Sketch (shoulders & up): £50

My sketches are ink drawings are black and white line art on 9″x12″ Bristol. I’ll do commission sketches for the same rates in sketchbooks or on sketch covers for the same rates if you provide the book.



         NYCC 2013 Dickbabs

2018 Convention Exclusive Free Mini-Print


All you have to do is show me that you follow one of my social media accounts and you can get any one of these 4″x6″ full-color mini-prints (or the button!).

As always…

  • Autographs are always free and I’ll sign anything you bring me. (Check out my guide to asking for signatures and drawings at conventions!)
  • I do not charge for photos and I am happy to take a photo with anyone who asks!
  • I’m happy to do interviews, podcasts, snippets, goofy stuff, and whatever any day but Sunday, but the earlier you can drop by, the better!
  • I will draw any cannon character ship kissing if asked. I will draw any two characters together doing non-romantic/sexual things, regardless of whether it’s cannon or not.

Please stop by and say hello, grab your free mini-print, and if you’re cosplaying, let me take a photo for my Facebook page.